How to choose a comb for the hair ?

How to choose a comb for the hair ?
You will need:
  • Hair type
  • barber Council
# 1

There are many types of combs.For example, there is a simple hair brushes.There is also a natural combs hair of pig bristles, with mixed bristles.There are combs, gredni "skeletal comb", round combs and so on.The materials of which made a comb, too, very much.This plastic, and wood, and bone, and rubber, in general, the selection is great.So, how to choose a comb hair correctly?First you need to identify the purpose of the comb (daily combing and styling), the type and length of hair, their "obedience."

# 2

Of course, you must choose atraumatic, convenient and reliable comb.For daily brushing long hair is good "wet" hair brush.It is also useful to comb.Wooden - for aromatic scratching rubber - for combing wet hair.For medium length and short hair is better to choose natural bristle hairbrush pork.; For the styling of any length necessary to use

# 3

special "skeletal or round combs How to care for a comb to make it last longer Any com

b should be cleaned regularly to this, there are special brushes, shampoos, can be used wet.?.wipes If the brush is very dirty, wet wipes -. ideal - they are very easy to clean each clove before you clean the brush, you need to inspect it for damage if any, of the comb must be replaced by a new Because broken teeth..., micro-cracks, burrs, etc. can greatly injure the scalp and hair surface;. The most frequent changes require wooden combs, as due to the fiber structure often appear cracks that cling to the hair and can even pull them up by the roots when combing

# 4

to answer the question, how to choose a comb, you can turn to an experienced hairdresser who gives good advice, considering the condition of hair.Almost every woman gives preference to a single master.Even better, because he sees, knows, she remembers about hair problems and can give them a more accurate assessment.

# 5

Since you need to wash the brush often enough, with it is better to buy a special brush for washing.It is inexpensive, but it will greatly facilitate the process of care comb hair.Instead, you can use any other brush with plastic bristles, or swine.; The main thing that it was clean and not used for any other purpose.During washing, simply rub the brush on the brush, foaming shampoo or soap.After thoroughly rinse with warm water and dry.