How to choose jewelry to clothing ?

How to choose jewelry to clothing ?
You will need:
  • Jewelry
  • Business suit Casual wear
# 1

Either way requires perfection.Therefore, the appearance must always be perfect, and this applies not only to perfect skin, hair and manicure, but also carefully selected clothes.But there are times when even the most stylish thing looks not very good, and often in this light, it exposes properly matched jewelry.Yes, with the help of jewelry can make even ordinary things interesting view, but you can achieve the opposite effect.

# 2

So, wondering how to choose the right jewelry to clothing, you need to remember the following rules: cheap jewelry is not compatible with the business and sporting style of clothing;not combined jewelery with ornaments of silver and gold;massive decorations colorful colors should be worn only with summer, light things;wooden ornaments favorably emphasize linen, suede and leather.The main purpose of the selection is always the proper selection of clothing style for women.

# 3

But when it comes to

men?How to choose the right style of man, that he would have it looked harmoniously and whether it is appropriate to use it jewelry?For this, too, there are certain rules, namely, a prerequisite is the presence in the locker room of the classic business suit;clothing style is to emphasize the dignity of the figure;for an informal environment preference should be given trousers, jeans, jumpers, sweaters.Accordingly, the choice of jewelry should be done on the basis of such characteristics as color, style things.

# 4

also as a matter of choosing the style, and the question "How to choose the color of clothing?" Is very important.In this process should focus both on their own preferences and the recommendations concerning the type of appearance.And even if the preference is calm, gray tones, with the help of fashion jewelry can be given a certain image of accents - suitable for women necklace, earrings, bracelets, men will also be quite the waist or hours.

# 5

quality issue as always is important.How to choose quality clothes, jewelry that will be a very long time and will not deteriorate after the first wash, wash, cleaning?To begin with, we define a model, you need to try and estimate how much a thing is useful.After that you need to pay attention to the label, where special care instructions.If you check the quality of the fabric, it is necessary to check its density and elasticity.If the belt - it is necessary to pay attention to if he does not leave colored traces.If this is all kinds of jewelry - you need to rub them with a fingernail in order to eliminate the risk of peeling paint.

# 6

But with the choice you might encounter, choosing not only clothes for adults, because the question "How to choose baby clothes?"also it remains relevant.Children's skin is much more sensitive.Therefore, in order to avoid the emergence of all kinds of stimuli, when choosing baby clothes need to give preference to natural fabrics with high-quality stitching.You also need to remember that for kids, the clothes should be as easy and quite fun (because the baby will be more willing to wear it again).And give the child the image will highlight children's jewelry - brooches, belts, hair clips.