How to clear memory on android ?

How to clear memory on android ?
You will need:
  • hands
  • program "Clean Master"
# 1

In the mobile phone, laptop or tablet that uses the Android operating system, it is quite natural that the memory withtime score.It uses the cache, collecting all the information from different applications, which can then forgets for an erase.Well, or clean, but not completely.Then store it quite naturally clogged and slow down your system.Therefore there is an understandable question: "how to clean RAM Android?".To do this, there is a very good program, "Wedge Master," she cleans even those applications that could not remove the system itself.

# 2

And if your device has permanently installed and removed various versions of different applications, then this program is a must to use.For example, knowing how to make the stick of RAM when its no longer enough for you to facilitate the work of the operating system.But still erase the old and unnecessary data is necessary.We will understand how to do it.The first step is to find a program

"Fight Master" and install it.

# 3

can search it on the internet, it is open for download absolutely free.After installation, launch the program and give it to check your device.The program will launch and verify everything you need, freeing up plenty of space in the operating system, which had to forget.After checking all selected and found "Wedge Master" problem must be removed without fail.The impression after such a test when working with the device is, like happened to know how to install additional memory.

# 4

It should be noted that this program will enhance the overall performance, save energy charge in the battery and all this magic is available free of charge.So, this program has helped to learn how to increase the memory.Video cards unfortunately this can not be manipulated, at least on the basis of Androyd.Here are some features of the program "Fight Master": cleaning the cache, deleting unnecessary files, phone security, or tablet.To learn how to set the memory timings can be read in the following article.In the meantime, should study and learn how to use such a program necessary for cleaning, as the "Wedge Master."I should add that it is suitable for almost all operating systems.