How to choose a backpack first-grader ?

How to choose a backpack first-grader ?
You will need:
  • Money
  • Time
# 1

first thing you need to pay attention to the appearance of the backpack and the materials from which it is made.Thus, the fabric should be waterproof, vlagoottalkivayuschey and to clean.After a first grader satchel may be in different places, which naturally lead to contamination.As for appearance, then there should be guided by the wishes of the child.Here's how to choose the right backpack first-grader.But it is certainly not all.

# 2

next important point - the rest.It should be wide enough and tough.You can choose a model with orthopedic back, it will capture the first-grader back in position and will not allow slouch.So that the child will correct posture.

# 3

backpack selection problem is very complicated, as the question of how to teach first-graders solve examples.So, what else should I look?In fixing and webbing.In particular, the shoulder straps should be wide and soft, otherwise it will crash into the child's shoulders and stop him.A fast

ening have to be reliable, to withstand the weight of your backpack contents and not torn.

# 4

backpack weight should not exceed 1.5 kg, as with the content it should not weigh more than 2 kilograms, established by law.Few parents can determine the mass-to-face pack.It is also difficult, as the first-graders with their homework.So it is better to know the exact weight of the retailer or even weigh the backpack, it will not be superfluous.

# 5

bottom.They have to be sturdy and sewn around the perimeter, at the wrong time to not let the first-grader.In addition, it would be great if the bottom is equipped with legs that will avoid scratches and make the backpack more comfortable.Inspect the bottom of the time of purchase is not as hard as you make a portfolio for a first grader.

# 6

more details.In order to ensure child safety on the road, many manufacturers equip backpacks with reflective elements, and rightly so.In addition, the handle may be a knapsack, so it can be worn as necessary in one hand.Also, it would be better if the backpack will be more pockets, both external and internal (and certainly one secret for the money).Here's how to choose the right backpack first-grader, paying attention to details.

# 7

The final step - fitting.Yes, the child must try on the backpack to make sure it is comfortable and will not hamper the movements, pressure or rubbing.And after the fitting, you can decide to buy a knapsack first grader.