How can I make a web -cam on a laptop ?

How can I make a web -cam on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • job computer
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • little free time
  • Connecting to the network Internet
# 1

Web camera- is an integral part of any modern laptop.For the most part, modern cameras are models with an acceptable resolution for high-quality talks on the Internet.But few know that the modern, and any other web camera in any laptop can be transformed into a full-fledged camera for photos and video.That is, this will be photo and video.Like the rest of the laptop device, the camera operates and is managed by Windows, which allows, with the necessary software, to do with the camera that you want and whenever you want.

# 2

Naturally, the first-to-first next vkyuchit webcam.Many people think that it is always turned off, it is not, the power is supplied to it constantly, just desired programs derive it from sleep mode.As a test, you can use a very simple program for internet telephony service Skype.It is not enough setting only for checking the camera functionality but

also for checking and adjusting the microphone that is built next to the camera.

# 3

I would like to note that shoot webcam is not always convenient.Not all laptops have a built-in backlight.And without light camera can give very intermittent and blurry picture.But in this case it will help all the same Skype.It can help you fine-tune the parameters of the hidden camera.Such as shutter speed, aperture, color saturation, white balance and so on.When the thinnest camera settings it can give a very, very high quality picture, even with a small matrix.

# 4

Just wanted to note that the webcam Laptop can be used not only by means of Skype.Often notebook manufacturers sign contracts with manufacturers of cameras.In this case, the box with the software and drivers from the laptop, you can find the driver and special program for video communication.Skype is an analogue of the program WebCam Max.This is an ordinary extra program, as it has many different effects.That is, first of all it is intended for entertainment during a part of the video.But, unfortunately, it is not free.But its advantage is that it can make pictures like the most ordinary camera and save them on your computer.