How to decide on the style and your preferences ?

How to decide on the style and your preferences ?
You will need:
  • taste
  • knowledge itself
  • identify advantages
# 1

For each important to decide with their own style and preferences, whether it be clothes, shoes and hairstyles.It is important that the style you like in the first place to the person.For clothes and shoes were comfortable for the wearer.Clothing should reflect the identity of the person and not to disturb her.Currently, there are many styles of clothes for people with different preferences.But it is sometimes difficult to understand is how to decide on the style, how to choose the most suitable and comfortable clothes.

# 2

But what to do when any of those or others near there?It becomes difficult to decide how to choose their own style.To do this, there are some rules that can help you decide on the style of clothing, suitable for a specific person.First we need to bear in mind that the style that selects the person will reflect his demeanor.Choose clothing should be in harmony with the surrounding world.So, for exampl

e, if the place of work - a law firm is relevant here is the business style.Going to the restaurant, you can think about how to make a retro-style - it remains relevant to this day.

# 3

It is important to consider themselves more closely to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the figure - that you want to hide, and that - emphasize.Take into account that any suitable styles and colors.The choice of style directly affects the lifestyle that people lead, the character of the person.If the latter is dominated by calm and restraint - is suitable classic, and if energy, mobility, and the love of sport - a bright sports style.It is necessary to analyze which of the options best suited of all individual.Then, the right choice will be very easy to do.

# 4

Many women think not only about her wardrobe, but also about how to choose the style of the man.This is not surprising, because you always want to close with a beautiful woman was a handsome man.Unfortunately, a lot of guys can not independently choose an appropriate style.Often men are not interested in fashion, and not to ask questions about how to choose the right style of clothes.Therefore, to make a man to dress stylishly is very difficult.But with some effort, you can achieve the desired results.It is necessary to use all the tips above, and beautiful style will be provided!