Evening dresses 2013: how to choose?

Evening dresses 2013: how to choose?
You will need:
  • dress
  • fabric
  • style
# 1

are going on holiday, every girl wants to be a compelling and memorable, to draw the interest of others need to pick up a dressthat is the "right" to encircle, and to emphasize the dignity of the figure.Every year, fashion designers offer fashionistas a large number of collections of evening dresses.Dresses 2013 the year based on a variety of styles.Designers this year to offer a way of evening wear long dresses, lavish or classic.One of the trendy colors this season is green and all its shades, from light green to emerald.Also relevant is the white, blue and, of course, black.

# 2

girls with tanned skin tone well suited yellow outfit.Also in vogue are dresses with floral prints.They originally looked in a sunny summer day.And, of course, a triumph without the classics, so you should focus on black and linen dresses.Evening dresses in pastel colors look gorgeous in the "gentle" girls.The most beautiful dress, embroidered with beads, flowers or

stones.Do not forget about the other additions to the image, which can be beneficial to emphasize different areas.Length evening selected depending on the type of figure.On the slender and tall girls look stylish long dresses, well, girls are not tall, look at the dress with a high waist and a length above the knee.

# 3

dresses in "Empire" style will suit all women of fashion and emphasize the shape and refined taste, besides it will be convenient and comfortable in this outfit.In the fashion as well still dress with a fluffy skirt, so do not let them out of sight.Beautifully looks as combining corset and skirt solid.Such models designers decorated with rhinestones, sequins, stones and a wide belt.Disadvantages figure perfectly hide dress with a high waist, mid-length and one shoulder strap.This year, the majority of fashion designers recommend choosing dresses of flowing fabrics.This could be chiffon, lace, satin, lace and silk.You can also pay attention to the styles of dresses.

# 4

dress "Mermaid" is skinny with a flared skirt to the knees level it creates a unique sexy image.Today this style evening dress is very popular.This dress fits well the upper part of the body, for this reason it is only fit to owners of slim hips, waist and your ideal weight."Mermaid" is more suitable female average or above-average growth than low.Cloth from which sewed outfit can be very different, satin, lace, or other dense material.Evening dress can have a bodice with a deep neckline and straps.Also popular model with sleeves, the length depends on the preferences of women customers.

# 5

Some designers use instead sleeveless chiffon pieces, or recommend to complement this type of dress shawl.Stylists also advised to supplement it with all sorts of accessories, handbags, massive jewelry, shoes of different shapes and colors."Bold" girls can wear a "mermaid" dress with a V-neck and open back.Evening dresses imply open arms, neck, legs, décolleté and back.Evening dress should emphasize the female figure and for that perfect dress of the "A-Line".This cut dress suits girls with any type of figure.This dress will suit the ladies of all sizes, because it visually enhances it and makes it slimmer figure.

# 6

These dresses are made from a single cut, moving line and the corset can be beneficial to emphasize the breasts.If you choose a bright color of the dress, the image will be enticing and coquettish.Complement this dress is a variety of accessories, colorful bracelets, necklaces and pendants massive.Designers are advised to pick up such outfits light hair and romantic styling.Another trendy style dresses that advise couturier fashion houses is the "Empire".This outfit is suitable girls with a perfect figure, as well as the ladies and who have something to hide from prying eyes.Ladies with a curvy shape can demonstrate excellent chest area, and hide the excess in the waist area.

# 7

A lean woman feel graceful nymphs.With this dress is easy to create an image of the Greek goddess.The color scheme of soothing pastel tones and shades of sand ideal gentle and refined silhouette.A short ladies should choose a slightly shortened gown of dense tissue types, and slender and high ladies need to pay attention to the "flying" styles of chiffon, satin or silk noble.By choosing an evening dress should be treated responsibly, wisely choosing accessories and shoes.The image must be supplemented by the right hairstyle in the Greek style and make-up in warm colors.