How to choose a backpack first-grader ?

How to choose a backpack first-grader ?
You will need:
  • Cash
  • Desk
  • Chair
# 1

to wearing backpack for a child does not become a big problem, it should be chosen correctly.Often, many children experience discomfort when wearing their portfolios and to a greater extent the fault of the parents, that when buying such things are looking, above all, on issues such as cost and fashion, and this is wrong.In order to solve the question of how to choose the right backpack first-grader should adhere to certain requirements to the choice of this accessory.Before you buy a backpack, you need to try it on a child who needs to be comfortable in it., Should also pay attention to the fact that the width and height of the portfolio in any case not have been more than his shoulders, and the bottom should not be lower than the hips.In addition, when deciding on how to choose the right backpack first-grader should consider the fact that it weighs no more than 700 grams.

# 2

purchasing a backpack and sending a child to school, do not look for

that interest in solving examples he will manifest themselves.It is important to help him in this difficult matter, how to teach first-graders solve examples.In order to teach a child, and generate interest in the solution of the examples, you need to paint them emotionally.; Let the conditions of Example or theme will be his favorite subjects, characters, etc.You can also come up with funny examples.So the child will develop an interest and understanding from him.It is also important to explain to your child the example conditions and ways of its solution, so you need to detail the steps to talk about every decision the example.

# 3

For parents, it is very important to know and how to do the lessons with the first-graders, because at this age the child is difficult to do without help from an adult.It is more expedient to begin to do homework with more complex objects.You should also help your child to perform tasks that are given to him with difficulty and where necessary prompt.But do not just suggest a solution, but also to explain to him why it is done that way.In the event that the implementation of lessons takes a long time, it is necessary to make small breaks, otherwise the child is severely overdo it and not be able to continue to perform the job properly, and even more so to understand something.

# 4

For all the achievements that have been made by a child, it was possible to organize, you must be a portfolio.It is therefore important to know how to make a portfolio for a first grader.The first step is to make the title page, where you can also specify the date when the portfolio began to compose.Also on this list shall indicate the student data.The second sheet is about what is in the portfolio.Well, then collects information about all child's progress, as well as his works, letters, and other information that confirms his talent and to choose the right backpack first grader how to choose a backpack first graders how to teach first-graders to solve examples of how to do the lessons with the first-graders how to make a portfolio for a first grader