How to replace the thermal paste on the CPU ?

How to replace the thermal paste on the CPU ?
You will need:
  • Thermal Grease
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Napkins
  • The cleaning liquid
  • Spatula
  • Accuracy
# 1

Many users of personal computers, surely, faced with the problemwhen their powerful and high-spirited machine suddenly began to falter.The processing speed dramatically decreased, the picture is hung on the input from the keyboard or mouse movement response was not or it is delayed.Often, the computer after these "whims" at all turns itself off.Moreover, this phenomenon is most common in the summer, in hot weather.What could be the reason?No need to hurry and make hasty conclusions about the failure of any electronic computer components.we can talk about violation of the temperature of the processor mode, with great probability.It is in this case such symptoms of unstable operation of the machine are most common.

# 2

What heats computer processor - this is a normal everyday occurrence.On it is energized, it produces a great number of operations.With increasing capacity an

d decreasing the size of the processor heating process is only growing.A relationship is known from physics and temperature resistance of conductors.Naturally, the heated electronic components lose their characteristics, which leads to malfunction.Thus, in all its beauty and actuality there is a problem of effective removal of heat from the core components of electronic circuits, and in the first place - from the PC CPU.The normal operating temperature of the CPU is considered a range of 30 - 60 degrees.Upon reaching the milestone of 75 degrees - it is necessary to sound the alarm.If the temperature climbs even higher - it will cause the device failure.

# 3

In fairness it should be noted that the top processor manufacturers take into account this possibility, and put into their creations on their own ability to be switched off in case of an emergency exit temperature.But, of course, no user will not be pleased when his computer suddenly turns off "the most interesting place."Therefore, monitor the temperature of basic elements of your PC - inescapable task of each host.To do this, set up a number of simple and accessible tools.But how to treat "disease" if the computer is "temperature"?A good host must be able to carry out several operations, such as: change the thermal paste on the CPU, clean your computer from accumulated dust, check the operation of the cooler, replace if necessary or lubricate its bearings.

# 4

In order to efficiently and intelligently carried out these operations, it is necessary, at least in a small way, to know the principle of the whole computer cooling.Powerful fan - cooler (in modern models of PC - a whole range of coolers) directs the air flow to the radiator plate, which should be firmly planted on the surface of the cooling unit (element).It is clear that the more general area of ​​the radiator, and the more intense the flow, the more efficient is the process of removing excess heat.It is hence the need to maintain a cooler in good condition, and the need for periodic heat exchanger is cleaned from dust buildup, prevents the normal passage of air flow.But no less important is the density of the radiator fit to the cooling surface.

# 5

This thermal grease and ensures close contact between the housings of the processor and heatsink.It is clear that the contact surface exposed during manufacture most careful polishing.But this does not preclude the formation of air gaps, and the air - it's a great thermal insulator.Thus, the normal transfer of heat to be broken.Thermal grease is designed to guarantee to eliminate potential gaps and to ensure a high quality heatsink.Remembering how to replace the thermal paste on the CPU, it is desirable to regularly, at least once a year - over time it loses its conductive properties.In addition, it is subject to be replaced with cooler renting for replacement or maintenance.Putting it on the old paste is not recommended.

# 6

So, how to change the thermal paste on their own?First of all, it must be purchased.This is best done in specialized stores because you can run into a cheap fake.It is produced in tubes, jars or syringes.The kit may also include a spatula, which will be useful in further work.In preparation for the work necessary to remove the side cover of the disabled PC system unit.Next, disconnect the connector on the motherboard fan power cable.The next step - removing the cooling unit.Different models may have different attachment (levers, latches, screws).Do not know the man will understand the technical documentation of the motherboard.Then it is necessary to carefully remove the remnants of the old paste with a processor and heatsink using napkins.

# 7

If there is dried up pieces of pasta, it is necessary to carefully use a solvent, for example, nail polish remover.No scraping!When the contact surface of the processor and radiator cleaned and wiped dry with a small amount of toothpaste (a pea) is pressed on the processor platform.Next, the paste is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface.For this purpose, a special spatula (you can use a credit card).The layer should not exceed 0.5 mm.It puts in place the radiator.It is important to press it firmly and not allow the slightest shift until the end of fixing the cooling unit.Do not forget then turn cooler power cord into the socket!In general, after reassembly system unit cover and wiring process is completed.