How to learn to braid two braids itself ?

How to learn to braid two braids itself ?
You will need:
  • little time
  • Comb
  • desire to braid braids
  • Means for hair
  • rezinochkami
# 1

How to learn to braid two braids itself?Despite the fact that usually braided pigtails schoolgirls, some girls began to establish themselves of this type of hairstyle, which quickly became a trend present.Most often they do not tight braids and, as a rule, make a bang, which is laid on its side or even leave it up to the eyebrows level.Some hair trimmed so as to form an arch on the face, and left behind - long braided pigtails.In any case, it looks interesting, this hairstyle is very young and gives some playful appearance, because of what a girl with pigtails showing interest in young men.It is best to look Spit, originating at the top of the head and went down.

# 2

The idea is two braids, creating one that runs along the entire circumference of the head.Many of those who know how to braid two braids itself, advised to do it this way: first, good hair comb massage comb, and then simple.Ther

eafter, they are divided into two parts, the upper left and lower right.Thus the first comb to the left, and the second - to the right.Next, starting from the forehead to divide the upper part of the head of hair into three strands and braid them, setting the stage alternately between the two third.As we approach the next part of the hair, it is necessary in these strands and to add new parts to spin on.When will dopletena second, the lower part of the hair, the end of the braid must be assigned special rezinochkoy and the ends of her hair curled using curling irons or thermal curlers.

# 3

If it is difficult to portray what was described in the previous paragraph, you should consult your hairdresser or a friend.But if this is not possible, it is better to make a simple hair style, which is created by all those who know how to braid two braids itself.To do this, you must comb the hair massage comb, then you need to lubricate them with a special tool that creates volume, seemed to spit large.And already then comb your hair and comb it gently hold the same row in the middle of the head, starting from the forehead and ending at the point of connection of the head with the neck.Thus, the hair is divided into two parts.The right should be carefully combed, divided into three sections and braid into a pigtail.Then the same must be done with the left side of the hair.Thus obtained pigtails, which were schoolgirls in the old days.

# 4

If you want to be more representative, it is possible to choose a braid office style.For its creation, it is necessary again to comb the hair, spray it means making it shiny and smooth.And then you need to collect at the top of the head a tuft of hair, carefully separating it from the bottom.First determine from what point will braid, then there is need to strengthen the hair barrette and start braiding, divided into three strands.Some of those who know how to braid two pigtails herself advised to divide the hair into four strands and weave on the same principle, but in this case the structure of the braid will be different.When the upper part is almost ready, you should begin to weave braid strands from the bottom.Gradually, reaching their ends, should be fixed pigtail barrette or elastic band.

# 5

Groupie convenient hair braided a couple of braids on the back of the head, so that they remain in all the movements behind.To create them, you need to comb hair, rub the foam in it to create volume and a comb to divide it into two parts.Rules need to be pulled back in a braid, and braid.Then do the same manipulation of the left-hand side.The ends of the braids need to secure the rubber bands or barrettes.The described method is the most difficult of those recommended for girls who know how to learn to braid itself.However, braids obtained very careful, do not interfere, and look quite stylish.These best straight bangs, without flourishes.

# 6

Initially, when creating a hairstyle itself, can feel pain in the arms of the unusual activity that requires strong muscle tension in the upper limbs.But it is fixable, because the frequent braiding produced by certain habits, and with it rises and muscle endurance.It is best to use special tools for hair each time you create pigtails, which are able to improve their structure.And in the evening, before going to bed, you should untwist the spit to give your hair a chance to recover and relax the scalp from a strong tension.Many instructions telling how to learn to braid itself, points to the need to acquire quality rezinochek and pins that are not entangled in the hair of the head and do not damage the structure.

# 7

Those who often braids braids, hair stylists recommend using vitamin hair mask to the last did not lose its luster and flogged.These can make your own or buy ready-made in a beauty shop.In addition, you should use a quality shampoo, better ones, which give the hair volume, so that when weaving weak pigtails get volume and a beautiful braid.You should also use a conditioner that prevents drying and hair section.It is necessary to refuse from a hair dryer, because it makes the hair brittle, resulting in overheating.It is best just after bathing head wet hair with a soft towel and wrap them with others.After about an hour, they should comb massage comb, comb and then again wrap in dry towel.