How to lace up a wedding dress ?

How to lace up a wedding dress ?
You will need:
  • wedding dress with corset
  • cord
  • satin ribbon
# 1

Much depends on the type of corset, but the basic rule should be: to tighten the corset,so that it can be convenient to walk, sit, dance and more.After all, when the bride feels discomfort due to your own wedding dress - this is a very sad picture.But it remains to be wedding photo shoot, when you need to be able to take the original position for the frame, and it should look natural.Those who do not know how to lace wedding dress, can use the following tips.Corset wedding dress can be mounted with hinges, in which to pass through the cord, with holes - also threaded with string and large loops, in which you can thread the satin ribbon.Lacing methods in these cases are about the same.First wedding dress worn on the back and fastens with zipper (if any).Then the cord or satin ribbon threaded into the upper loop of the corset.After this, move down threading cord each time in the opposite loop.

# 2

should watch closely so

as not to miss a single loop.And when lacing will reach the bottom of a corset, both ends of the cord must be the same length.And now, it is not less than responsible action - it is necessary to tighten the corset.In one hand we must take the two ends of the cord and keep them tightly so they did not escape.With the other hand slowly bust corset in the middle, where it crosses - should start as from the top.Thus the corset tightened, and both cord length in the hands increases.Certainly easier to tighten the corset in both hands, but then need helpers, as the ends of the corset in any case can not let go.With one hand, it's best to act in the thumb and index finger: they should attract the corset cord at the intersection point.Stretched cord should seize any other finger and liberate your fingers go to the intersection below, which stretches the cord at the top to let go, and so on.

# 3

If corset wedding dress laces wide ribbon, it may need to straighten it with each new intersection.Here without the help of hard to do, because you need to make sure that the ends are not rushed, and the tape lay flat and not twisted.It is necessary to repeat this procedure several times to sit tight corset.During the event the cord naturally weakened slightly, to a couple of millimeters.It must be provided.Since the section with loops usually is extra fabric, then it should also be correct.Making sure that the corset tight on the waist and dress does not slides down, you can make assembly and bow.The node must be very strong, not to lace flourished in the crucial moment.Usually made of wide ribbon bow, and the ends of the cord are hiding inside, so they do not interfere.Although in this case it depends solely on desire.You can pre-workout how to lace up a corset to the bride on the wedding day felt comfortable and had a good mood.