How to braid a beautiful braid child for the matinee ?

How to braid a beautiful braid child for the matinee ?
You will need:
  • Comb
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Skills
# 1

For little girls, and adult women long hair has always served as the basis for a beautiful hairstyle.This is especially true if expected some solemn event.The most beautiful hairstyles are obtained, if the hair is well-groomed and healthy.Little girl on the matinee you can make such a hairstyle that will not make the baby is older and while it will look nice.This hairstyle good by the fact that it can be performed on hair, having an average length.braid will look very beautiful, braided in the "spike".In order to know how to braid a beautiful braid child, you need to have certain skills in captivity.Just a little effort, practice and all will certainly succeed.

# 2

To perform weaving "spike", must be carefully comb the child's hair in the crown area at a distance of five centimeters highlight the hair section and braid it into a "spike."In the same way you need to execute and areas on both sides of the head.Then spit in the center, yo

u need to pin pins side braids, and the ends of the rubber band to put together a beautiful pin or barrette.Sami braid can be decorated with studs that are used for celebrations.Before you learn how to weave braids child on their own, it is best to see how others do it, from the outside.Now it became very fashionable braiding French braid.Some of them are great for learning and weaving are appropriate little princess at the matinee in kindergarten.

# 3

Weave the lightest French braid starts with the crown area.At the top of the head is separated strand of hair, which is then divided into three parts.Weaving is done by laying the strands, the right strand overlaps strand located in the middle, followed by going left.It drags the first row.Before weaving the second row need before forging locks on the right side to add a little hair that remained free.Therefore, a strand, which will be superimposed in the center will increase in volume.The same steps must be performed and on the left side.If there is no possibility to add free hair, weaving continue to "spike" style.The ends of the hair can be raised up and secure between the rows of braid bright beautiful hair clips or pins.

# 4

In order to know how to learn to weave braids child does not have to be a professional.Enough to have a sense of taste and a bit of free time.Very often, as the evening hairstyles used weave two braids.To accomplish such a little girl hairstyle at the matinee is necessary, first of all, comb the hair so that they are not tangled.Make a parting in the middle, which divide the hair from the crown of the entire length into two equal parts.Parting must be exactly in the center of your forehead.It is necessary to start from the center of braiding three strands of hair on the ends.The resulting two braids connect together pins or studs decorate.Of course, it is best to ask the master who knows how to learn how to weave braids child.He will tell about the technology of weaving braids in more detail.

# 5

But you can try yourself to perform plait - a snake.This hairstyle is certainly more suitable for adult women, but it can be done and the little girl if she would take part in a concert or performing at the matinee.For this hairstyle hair must be very carefully comb.On the right side of the head is necessary to capture the lock and perform an ordinary weaving.Each weaving, which will follow the previous one, it is necessary to add a new strand of hair from the left side.It is necessary to bring the weaving to the left edge, and then start to move in the opposite direction, ie podpletat hair on the right side.Before you learn how to weave beautiful braids child can practice on adult girls who have a suitable length hair.

# 6

This will help a lot faster to learn the art of weaving, as the kids have a high mobility, and a long time to sit in one place and in the same position they would be unusual and difficult.Well, if the training will take place under the supervision of a person who already has good skills in weaving the braid and the hairstyle of them.Self-study is also sure to bring good fruit, but a little may take.Lessons on how to weave braids children, can be found on the Internet or professional literature.Of course, video tutorials will bring more benefit, because there you can see all the details of the braid weaving technology.Such lessons can be purchased on the license disk or download from the Internet itself in good quality.If the hair healthy and shiny, then any netting will look beautiful and festive