Evening dresses 2013: Following the trend

Evening dresses 2013: Following the trend
You will need:
  • elegant clutch
  • fur cape with jacquard pattern
  • heels
  • exquisite
# 1

memorable way for a special occasion will help to create an evening dress -an essential component of the modern wardrobe beauties.Emphasize the advantages of appearance will enable the right choice attire "exit".Evening Fashion Trends 2013 - discreet colors, a minimum decor accent at the neckline line.Attention charming fashionistas offering design model of a noble velvet, "flying" chiffon, refined laces.

# 2

Particular attention was paid to the sleeves of dresses and designers - translucent "flashlights" wide air or full length versions decorated underlined original outfits.Classic evening dresses with bare shoulders are still at the peak of popularity.A deep cut on one shoulder, skirt the edges of different lengths, and other variants of asymmetric solutions are offered for evening dresses 2013 season

# 3

major role in creating the image of a refined play not only a fashionable style, hand-p

icked according to the peculiarities of the figure, and the originalfinishing, and fabric, through which the properties outfit becomes weightless.Detail of fur and feathers offer designers decorate the "flying" model laconic cut.Bold alternative to the popular dresses of air flowing chiffon and satin steel lush fur outfits.

# 4

Elegant dress "on the floor", naughty small, traditional models to the knees - a wide range of options provides the ability to create fashionable women suitably festive image.Fine evening dresses 2013 suggest natural colors, fashion trend - the noble shades of precious stones such as emerald, amethyst, garnet, sapphire, turquoise and ruby.Not losing the leading position and classic black color.

# 5

Due to special attention to the curve of the hips form-fitting model for sale, for example, crystals or Basques emphasize the grace of the female figure.Along with the original models decorated with colorful paintings, bright appliqués, "metal" embroidery, flounces of contrasting color and other interesting details, plain dress pastel gamut won sympathy for women in fashion season 2013.