How to Tie a stole on the coat : simple options

How to Tie a stole on the coat : simple options
You will need:
  • wool coat
  • Stole scarf brooch
  • Stain
# 1

wool coat with accessories such as a stole or scarf looks more stylish.There are so many ways on how to tie the tippet coat.If you stole a sufficiently broad and still fashionable colors, you can easily wrap it around coat, overlapping the full length or only half.In any case, such a combination is unusual and attract attention.You can personalize the image folded stole half and throw it on his shoulders, and wrapped around a coat.This can be done in the following way: one end of the tippet to put on his shoulder, stole wrap around coat, and leave the other end hang down on the other shoulder.

# 2

How to upgrade coat, that it meets the requirements of fashion?First, not afraid of experiments and unexpected solutions and seeks to express themselves in clothes.Secondly, be aware of fashion trends and the actual colors to create new combinations and images.Update coat is possible using not only warm stole, but also lightweight

scarf.Of course to the warm wool coat chiffon scarf hardly suitable.But there is a secret: if you choose a dark color scarf, its texture will not be evident.But it is better to wear it inside his coat.With any relevant coat wool scarves, cashmere, viscose.It is worth to mention the fur scarf.Perhaps it has been ranked among the most prestigious and expensive accessories and gives the royal charm of its owner.

# 3

If possible, buy scarves and stoles made of natural fabrics, which cause comfort in contact with skin.How to tie a scarf on the coat if they are very close in color?In this case, no need to hide inside the scarf.You can simply roll up the ends of the scarf into a tight spiral harness and place it in the front.And to harness it does not decompose, it is necessary to fix its bottom brooch elastic band or the original clip.Anyway, pitching some figures from the scarf, you need to take care of it to be done carefully and did not break.Otherwise, it will always worry how to wear a coat that fell stole or scarf is not loosened or lost.

# 4

If accidentally soiled coat of many the question arises, how to clean wool coat.You can do this by using stain remover for a particular type of tissue.Or you can put a coat on the bottom of the tub and wash it by hand quality powder, such as Tide or Ariel.In any case it is better not to use the washing machine and to be extremely careful with the different types of bleaches.