How to braid a braid around the head : Office Style

How to braid a braid around the head : Office Style
You will need:
  • Long hair
  • Craft
  • Hairspray
  • foam for easy combing
  • Comb
  • Mirrors
# 1

Weave braids back in ancienttimes thought the whole ritual, as each girl had to be braided into a beautiful braid.On the one oblique went unmarried girls, and two married.Currently recovering gradually became kosopletenie and girls do not want to cut their hair.Of course, it's very beautiful when the hair is laid using braids.There are many types of weaving.Scythe weave not only of the three strands, and four, five.There are the French, Greek and braids around her head.Kos around the head of the Greek called it, something similar to French braiding.This hairstyle can be worn on the beach, especially in the movie is very good to go to the office to work.Many women have to braid a plait go to the hairdresser, and some learn to do it at home.

# 2

How to braid a braid around her head, many women will wonder.To learn how to do it yourself, you have to prepare some of the details for weaving.For a beau

tiful and high-quality braids need you should have a foam or mousse for hair styling, hair comb and barrette.Before weaving must first choose your style depending on how long the hair.Weave braids is best carried out in a room where there are mirrors, which are located on both the front and rear.Necessarily it is necessary to put a comfortable chair, as this work will take enough time.two types of weaving braids around her head to try.If we consider the first type, before you start you need to wash your hair, blow dry and sprinkle tool for hair styling.

# 3

Then at the nape hair is divided into three parts, lifting them straight up and begin to spin.You can do this in the usual way or braid as a spike.Subsequently, during the weaving gradually weave hair that are on the sides of the head.Hurry in such work is not necessary, all you need to do on the sly.Once all the hair is woven, then the finished braid and fasten a rubber band throws over the entire head.Then fasten with pins and give the necessary form.If the hair is too long, the braid is left in the place where it left off and also can be attached with pins.More generally braid decorated with pins and hairpins with flowers.Of course, the first time can get and not very nice, but after a second attempt will succeed.

# 4

second way both the braid braid around the head looks a little different.It will also have to wash my hair, blow dry hair and sprinkle spray conditioner for easy combing.After that, it is necessary to thoroughly comb the hair and divide into two strands, but there must be a smooth parting.Then, from each strand needed to braid one pigtail.Before you start to braid each section must be carefully combed and braided their usual way.It should receive two flat braids.They are very similar to a schoolgirl pigtails.After that is taken one braid, rolled over the top, and then secured with pins and then repeated with the second finished oblique and is also attached to the studs.If necessary, fasten all the varnish.

# 5

Very nice would look if the release of a person a few strands.There are other options for weaving.If you have long hair, you can try another way.Hair needs to be carefully comb.Thereafter, at the back it is necessary to collect hair in a ponytail.Then we make a braid, and then wrap the head of the oblique and anchoring pins.As we can see, the options are many and it is just necessary to choose a convenient way for themselves, depending on the length of hair.All of these options are suitable for the style that is used for office work.Of course, to braid the braid is not necessary to do everything herself.You can visit the barber and stylist who will pick up and do what is directly suitable for every woman.

# 6

course on how to be stacked hair depends on the appearance of women.Be sure to watch out for the health of their hair to get a beautiful braid.A huge number of factors affect the appearance of hair.First we need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner.Since hair has a lot of negative factors, each month make medical masks.Such masks are sold ready-made, if you wish, some masks and make at home.To have a beautiful braid around her head to try and take a little longer than the braid, the better it will look Spit on the head.

# 7

to get the most beautiful view in a braid can braid ribbons.Usually in such cases it is taken regular tape, so the tape can be found in stores that sell accessories for sewing.They are found in different colors.You can choose a color palette of the wardrobe.This is done so that the hair is divided into strands and the attached tape and even gradually begin to weave into a braid.Further braiding plait braids is conducted, as in other cases.Then spit out very original and will look in the folk style.In this way, too, can come to work or in the evening to make a way out of the restaurant.To learn how to weave a braid there are courses in which weaving braids experts will teach how to make a beautiful and oblique braid around her head.