How to tie a scarf under your coat ?

How to tie a scarf under your coat ?
You will need:
  • cashmere coat
  • shawl or stole
  • Scarf
  • Belt
# 1

It is very important that the correct use of accessories, you can make vivid the most commoncashmere coat.A well-chosen color of the handkerchief is able not only to transform the whole picture, but also to revive the complexion, for example.Before you tie the scarf under his coat, pick a color that will blend in well with the tone of the face.Common recommendations include: white color emphasizes the tan, while the dark color - pale porcelain face.Tying a scarf under his coat watch carefully so it does not stick out and did not create irregularities, which outwardly look like mounds.It is not recommended to tie tight and bulky components.

# 2

Sometimes cashmere coat is dirty or there may be a spot appears.If you just bumped dust - you need to go through the coat with a brush.When spots stain remover can be used, for example Vanish.But it is necessary to carefully study the label, as not all stain removers are suitable f

or different types of tissue.You can also try rubbing the stain crumb of bread - this is one of the most effective ways of folk.Perhaps these are some recommendations how to clean cashmere coat.

# 3

Returning to the question of how to use accessories as decoration coat, it should be noted that one should not forget the sense of proportion.Also, do not need to use accessories that interfere with walking or who need to constantly correct.Before you decorate the coat scarf, stole or shawl can first experiment with his invoice.See how easy handkerchief rolled two or three times if you can twist it into a bundle and how it is attractive, and, in principle, if it wrinkled at all.

# 4

How to choose a coat when buying so wear it with pleasure for a few years?Rely on your taste need and preferred style of dress.All fashion critics know a simple truth - it is fashionable that you are talking.And the task of the coat is not only warm in cold weather, as well as to emphasize the beauty and dignity of its owner.

# 5

So you should figure out how to tie a scarf in a coat that was comfortable and beautiful, and stylish.To create a mysterious way, you can wear sunglasses and a scarf on her head instead of a hat.Drape the ends of the shawl so that it does not come loose.It is important to use a handkerchief, which will be combined with the color of a coat or shoes.Either way you need to do so that there is a harmonious combination of colors.It is better if the handkerchief is monotonous, without print.