How to clean white coat at home?

You will need:
  • soft brush
  • special stain remover
  • cloth covers for clothing
# 1

To clean the coat, there are two options - a dry-cleaning and selfcleaning in the home.And after brushing the coat is usually placed in cloth covers (in plastic is undesirable - the lack of air can negatively affect the quality of the thing).It is understood that the coat can be of any material and any color is absolutely.But how to clean white coat, so that it retains the color and shape, and quality?

# 2

Before proceeding to the removal of stains, for example, need to remember that: · - to check the reaction of the fabric coat on the inside at any cleaner · - when removing stains, rub the need to midstains on the edges, otherwise you can receive an additional spot, but with a large radius · -during removal under the seat, which must be cleaned should be based on a clean cloth, absorbs liquid.

# 3

But how to wash cashmere coat?The best coat is washable by hand, using a special soft detergents (for w

oolen and silk products which do not contain bleaching agents), when the water temperature no higher than 300 ° C operation.During most washing and rinsing is not necessary to make a great effort not to deform the fabric.Slightly depressing the coat, you must expand it to dry on a flat surface.

# 4

It has become fashionable to wear a coat with a variety of accessories.For example, stole - it's one of the details that gives women a certain charm.To learn how to wear a stole with a coat can be seen on TV, on the Internet to find and just think of themselves.In other words, it can be called a kind of stole a broad scarf, which can be: in the straightened form draped over his shoulders;not very tight twist and wrap around your neck freely and so on.And be sure to pick stole, matching in color with a coat.

# 5

If we continue to talk about the accessories, then how to wear a scarf with a coat know, probably all.It is only necessary to take into account the tissue from which sewed the coat, and in accordance with this pick a handkerchief.Also now in vogue mix colors, that is, to the discreet in color coat suit a bright scarf.And to wear a headscarf in addition to various combinations of tying and throwing, you can make a highlight in the form of a brooch that was killed.