You will also want to know how to decorate a shirt with lace ?

You will also want to know how to decorate a shirt with lace ?
You will need:
  • Mike
  • Lace
  • Fantasy
# 1

There are an incredible number of ways of how to decorate a shirt with lace.Using a variety of hand made ideas can find their way to express themselves in clothes.And why not start it with a simple T-shirts?For decoration, you can choose white shirt black lace.And if it's colored T-shirt, it is better to choose the lace in tone.One option: cut back on white T-shirts interesting and simple shape - heart, star, flower, a cloud with rain, sun or even a cat, and then exactly the same shape cut out of black lace and make an insert.In addition, for the black lace cat can make eyes and nose of the buttons.If someone The given figures will seem too childish, it is possible to cut the usual geometric figures - diamond, square, triangle.Very nice work, if you make a smooth side of the triangle of lace, like flex.Besides lace insertion can be from the top to the bottom.In the presence of the material can be made lace all shirt back.

# 2

How to decorate a shirt with lace without cutting out shapes?In this case, you need to choose a strip of lace and decorate her entire cutout shirt.To get magnificently, it is necessary to lay down a strip of lace accordion, stick and stitch.Small stitched lace can not only to the neck but to the shoulder cutouts shirts.Mike will be a very feminine.With lace can be made on the t-shirt bibs and put on a T-shirt under his jacket.If the shirt is made of high quality material and trailing fine sitting on the figure, that such an option would be appropriate.You can make lace large or medium-sized bow or flower and attach to a shirt with a small pin.Before you make a fashionable T-shirt, using lace, it is desirable to know how it sheds.Not to get a fashionable thing can be ruined after the first wash.

# 3

question may arise as a break tank top that is super-trendy.Here there is no single answer.For someone like torn thing, and someone thinks it's ignorance.Knitted T-shirt, you can tear a few strips on the back, for example, from the bottom up.Or even in the front, but only up to the waist.Sprawling top notch t-shirts can break and strike, for example, a bow.Many adherents of hand made are wondering how to paint shirt.You can use plain textile paint or acrylic.One of the simplest ways is to use the sprayer, and which is filled with paint.Other methods include twisting, folding shirts before painting - this requires experience, so the picture from the first time may not work.