How to wear a stole with a coat ?

How to wear a stole with a coat ?
You will need:
  • Coat
  • Stole Shawl
# 1

There are no strict rules of how to wear the stole.You can even replace stole a headdress, and the remaining ends of beautiful drape around the neck and hide.And if you wear sunglasses in sunny weather, the image will become a mysterious and enigmatic.How to wear a stole with a coat, if the colors are very beautiful stole and immediately attracts attention?In this case, it is necessary to focus also on the top: to throw on the shoulders, with one end of the front left and the other let hanging behind.It is also possible to combine stole twice - first in width, then wrap around your neck and tie "Paris" site: thread the ends of the stole in front in the formed loop.

# 2

If light or even white coat mess, we can hardly close the dirty portion stole.While this may help out in time, but it should take a coat as soon as the coming weekend.There are many ways how to clean white coat.If planted in a spot, it is best to use a stain remover or bleach.But

we should pay attention to what, at what tissues can be used.And even if all the labels on the coat thoroughly examined before immersion coat in water with bleach should try to wet a small area on the inner side and make sure that its use will not damage the fabric.How to wash cashmere coat?Just not in the washing machine - not to spoil the thing.It is necessary to put a coat on the bottom of the tub, fill a large amount of powder, then pour warm or slightly hot water.All the dirt with this method of soaking will go very quickly.

# 3

How to wear a scarf with a coat in cold weather?With a white coat is best to look multicolored shawls in traditional Russian style.You can fold the scarf in half to form a triangle: the end, which is drawing, you need to leave the front top coat, while others wrap the neck and tightly secure to not spadyval scarf while walking.Still it is possible to come up with such an option: throw a shawl over her shoulders top coat, and it ends in front in a beautiful thread the elastic band with rhinestones and fix it so that it does not slide off.If handkerchief fabric allows, you can also throw a shawl over her shoulders, and in front to tie a nice knot that will look original.Thus, using imagination, you can come up with unusual combinations.