Wedding dress of the machine : how to do is not trivial ?

Wedding dress of the machine : how to do is not trivial ?
You will need:
  • Machinery
  • Flowers
  • Feeds
  • Fabric
# 1

wedding - troublesome.So many things need to get done: to order and arrange restaurant, invite guests, think of bride price, to agree on the video shooting, but the decoration of a wedding convoy of time is given very little.In most cases, decorations for cars taken at bridal salons for hire.And do not be surprised then, when the wedding car decorated with best friend will be exactly the same decorations.

# 2

Every bride is very well suited to the formation of their way to be similar to other brides.And the wedding dress she prefers not to take at the box office, knowing that apart from her few girls will look exactly the same.Why, then, the couple so negligent to decorating wedding cars?Most likely, they simply do not have enough time and expertise to do so.But it turns out to decorate the wedding car is not so difficult.

# 3

This is still possible, and save.And that machine, decorated with their own hands, to be materially

different from the total weight of the wedding cars, should more warm young hearts.Options how to decorate the car just married, there are many.The most popular are floral arrangements.But decorate with fresh flowers is unlikely to succeed on their own.It is better to leave it to florists who expertly prepare flowers to ensure that they are as long as possible remained fresh and not wilted.

# 4

alternative living colors of the artificial flowers.They can be made of a paper and of tapes.Here the main thing to show imagination in the arrangement of colors.Wedding dress on machines of flowers can be placed on the hood of a diagonal or a tick or stretch across the car.You can put a flower on the magnet and attach the entire machine in a chaotic or conceived manner, for example in the form of heart.

# 5

You can also decorate the car with ribbons or fabric.For this solemn occasion the ideal option would be to use a fine mesh fabric such as tulle.They can be finished in any part of the machine, whether the hood, door or the rear.Romantic view of acquiring the machine, in which the white tulle attached to the roof and in the process he becomes a motion similar to the bride's veil.Creative design of wedding cars may be photographs of the young.

# 6

For any need to order the printing picture fabric and attach a masterpiece on the hood of the car.Another unusual way to the car decoration - stick behind the ribbons empty cans.But do it in a city is not necessary, so as not to create an emergency situation on the road.Type of wedding dresses for cars depends on Honeymoon temperament.Do not be afraid to embody the fantasies into reality.Even though they are the most courageous.The main thing is to harmonize with the wedding entourage.