How to sew a summer dress itself ?

How to sew a summer dress itself ?
You will need:
  • Fabric
  • Pattern
  • Mel
  • Scissors
  • sewing machine
  • Decor
# 1

choice of fabric - an important stage of sewing.For summer sundress may suit elastic knits, lightweight crepe-chiffon, flowing silk, cool viscose staple or practical.Tone, pattern or print is selected depending on personal tastes and tsvetotipa masters.Any fabric before cutting better sanforize - soak in lukewarm water, dry and iron to prevent further shrinkage.Then the cloth is folded in half along the shared line, the ends are aligned.

# 2

By the beginning of the sewing pattern has to be finished.It can be found in fashion magazines or the Internet.The main thing - "adjust" its parameters at your own figure.However, this art is done only by experienced handy and aspiring seamstresses sew before summer dress itself, it is recommended to study the technique of cut and without the pattern.The easiest way to achieve success by working with knit fabric that does not require the construction of darts and other c

omplex elements.

# 3

If there is a pattern that must be carefully fastened to the fabric pins, or in its absence certainly need seamstress chalk, which is induced by a circuit element of the product.It is best not to buy stationery, but a real tailor's chalk line which is fine and clear.It can be easily removed from the fabric and does not damage it.Instead of chalk, you can take a thin piece of children's soap.The main thing - to outline clearly visible.Pattern encircled considering seam allowance.For summer fabric - no more than 5-7 mm.

# 4

to qualitatively and successfully sew a summer dress itself, you need to very carefully check the dimensions before making cuts.If the pattern is ideally suited to the characteristics of shape, smoothness of lines tested, while the stock of optimism needlewoman not dried up, you can start carving elements.Scissors must be extremely sharp and long cutting surface.The incisions must be clear, otherwise the edge of the fabric will be inaccurate and undulated appear deviations from desired dimensions.

# 5

cross-linking elements of the summer sundress according to the instructions.First we need to tack the details so that made possible the first fitting, which will show what adjustments must be made.If sundress sits perfectly in the figure, you can start line on the sewing machine.Well, if the machine is equipped with a function overlock, this technique greatly simplifies the finishing of joints.If the appearance and quality of welds is not satisfactory, you can add the product to the nearest studio or workshop.

# 6

most pleasant moment in the process of sewing - is finishing the final product decoration.Those who sews summer dress with their own hands, open a variety of possibilities of its decoration.This exquisite embroidery embroidery or beading, applique, sequins decoration or large beads.Dress can be equipped with a self-made belt braided and twisted straps, perform trimmed cloth contrast color, sew colorful logo or delicate brooch.Thanks to these original methods, will be a stylish sundress summer wardrobe accessory.