How to choose cartridges ?

How to choose cartridges ?
You will need:
  • Gunpowder
  • obturator
  • dispenser
# 1

Hunters are not born.Hunters are.Their production ─ wild birds and animals, which officially allowed to hunt.Productive shot depends on many factors.For example, the distance to the object of fire, but also from the cartridge charging power and size fraction.For example, to get a goose at a distance of 40 meters, it is necessary to use cartridges with shot from "my best" to number four, inclusive.The best advice for young hunters to choose the bullets on wild goose fat.

# 2

before beating game, first charge holder.Need powder, wad, cap, strip, roll.As well as the sleeve, pharmacy scales, or dispenser.Calculation: 33 gr.shot 2 c.Smokeless powder for shotgun 12 caliber.Black powder required in two-fold greater.Volume of powder is dependent on the wad material.If wood fiber, it increases the amount of gunpowder "Falcon" at 0.1 grams.When plastic pyzhe reduced by 0.2 g.That's enough to learn how to charge the hunting cartridges lethal f


# 3

for hunting rifles cartridges are manufactured in special factories.But if not available, it can be used to shoot shells, restored them.To do this, they need to be put in proper form: capsules pull, clean seed.Papkova sleeve if ragged edge, dipped in liquid paraffin, and after cooling the heated skewer to spray from the siphon.Many hunters are surprised to learn how to make bullets at home.

# 4

There are situations when you need to reload the cartridge to a larger fraction.This can be done in the room in which there are no people.The cartridge is placed on a table covered with a cloth.It takes only a wooden spatula, with which removed a container with a shot.Thereafter, the wad is removed and then the powder.In no case do not use metal objects that could produce a spark.It is one hundred percent safe way how to disassemble the cartridge without consequences.

# 5

charging hunting cartridges with their own hands to save money.The store is almost ready 1 dollar, and ten times less.Use the "Falcon" smokeless powder.The cartridge is filled gunpowder, set shutter.Once the cartridge is filled with a fraction of the desired caliber in a special container.This increases the accuracy of fire with logical consequences for the game.In principle, the cartridge is ready to use, because we know how to load the cartridges 12 caliber self.

# 6

Handling ammunition requires even from experienced hunters utmost caution and care.As well as the unconditional fulfillment of ammunition storage, powder, capsules, hunting rifles.Violation of the rules can result in severe consequences.On the hunt luck trained people.Those who are familiar with its rules.It has been observed that disciplined newcomers rarely return home without booty.That is, the hunt requires correct handling of weapons and recalls humanity.