Ridiculous outfits stars or with whom it is not necessary to take an example ?

Ridiculous outfits stars or with whom it is not necessary to take an example ?
You will need:
  • taste
  • TV
  • Internet
# 1

Often, after watching another awards ceremony Oscar, Grammy or any other awards for his achievements in the world of music or a moviemost discussed are not working or people nominated for the award.It so happened that recently unusually fashionable wash up bones all the celebrities who attended the event.In particular, for weeks on everyone's lips dresses stars.Over the past few years, even appeared on television several programs in which known or not, fashion expert discusses the clothing of celebrities, which they put on one of the last parties.Unfortunately a high talent to sing or play a movie does not automatically mean good taste in choosing clothes.However, looking at the ridiculous outfits of stars, the public is perplexed, because usually the star and her life is on everyone's lips, and look at any time you need a hundred percent.

# 2

celebrities do not forget that the right style, and a beautiful image can be an example for others to

follow.Well, if the star admits complete lack of taste itself and appealed for help to the stylist.However, there are ambitious celebrity, frankly believe that they themselves are good to take care of their appearance.For example, at the recent film festival in Cannes, as many as four ladies chose scarlet outfit, completely forgetting that they will defile the red carpet.As you know, the evening dress the color of blood is strictly forbidden, if you want to walk the path of the same color.In this case, the dress and flooring merges to form a continuous carpet.At the same time, a lady who was dressed in a similar way, lost in the general red background.One only Dita Von Teese, and smart enough to put even the red, but shortened the dress slightly opened the ankle, thus separating from the carpet dress.

# 3

no less ridiculous to the ceremony dressed and Russian model Olga Sorokina.This time her dress was splashed in the upper part is too simple to be called the evening, and at the bottom, opening leg nearly to her waist.Apparently the Russian has forgotten that such activities requires a chic but at the same time and appropriate outfit without a hint of vulgarity.The same mistake was made illegal even two ladies invited to the Cannes Film Festival.German model Doutzen Cross appeared in the dress dirty pink color, and if it was not a huge cut, outfit could be considered even interesting.Doutzen not considered a difficult cover bodice dresses, which alone would give zest to the dress.Her colleague, Jessica Hart was wearing a pretty dress in fashion this season, bright pink, but long cut literally spoiled the charm of his attire.

# 4

his evening dress all the spectators amused popular actress Mila Jovovich.Looking at her evening dress, you can imagine what the actress wanted to achieve at the output.But in the end to learn it is simply ridiculous and absurd.As bodice, Jovovich chest covered rectangular piece of cloth, crown chic cut skirt, encrusted with stones.When looking at the actress seems that it has lost before the exit of the corset wonderful ensemble, and covered the top of the fact that it fell under the arm.Ridiculous outfits of stars, it is a topic that will be discussed forever.If you think about it, many celebrities are well aware that they are wearing.So, we can say that the main purpose of ridiculous outfits of stars - to shock the audience and always be at the hearing, albeit due to the complete lack of taste.