How to choose the fox fur ?

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You will need:
  • Knowledge of fur
  • Care
  • Money
# 1

The first thing you should look for when choosing products from silver fox, is its color.The fur of this animal is always tricolor - gray at the base, white in the middle and black at the tip.On the natural markets for the fox can produce coats lisopesa.The fur of these animals - only two color.

# 2

Worth.To determine the quality of the pile, it is necessary to conduct a hand on it first downwards and then upwards.If the fur quality, the villi are not wring and quickly "are in place."Tried the fur.In your hand must be left no lint.Otherwise, it would mean that the coat is too dry, and she always will "climb".Superficially hairs should have a sleek look shiny and rich color.

# 3

When choosing a fur coat look at the fur density.If it seems thick enough, it is possible to coat was made from the skins of animals slaughtered in the summer, because during this period they molt.The next thing that will tell you how to choose the fox fur, is the selection of skins.Verify the quality of welds.

# 4

The less visible rough transitions from the skin to the skin, the more high-quality products.The exception only in the case when this design idea.Please note, if the seams, if a thread climb diverge.Sometimes the skin is not sewn and glued to the fabric, such a product is not worth paying attention to.

# 5

weight coats.A good coat should not be too light, but should not be severe.In the first case, this may mean that the vychinke, in order to save, skins may stretch excessively.Moreover, such a coat will be less warm in winter.And wearing a heavy coat - uncomfortable and inconvenient.Here are a few tips on how to choose the fox fur.Note that coats the entire surface depressions and were not bald spots.

# 6

There should be no color, because silver fox fur is valuable for its natural beauty.Fur coat of fox - quite expensive thing, and even though the price is only slightly inferior to the burrow, many women tend to have in her wardrobe is a coat of silver fox, because it speaks of good taste and style of its owner.Do not make such a purchase in boutiques or cheap on the market, better to turn to a specialty store.