How to Decorate a cafe for a wedding : cheap clearance

How to Decorate a cafe for a wedding : cheap clearance
You will need:
  • balls
  • fabric
  • fresh flowers
# 1

Making cafes balloons - inexpensive and the most viable option, especially because of the balls right now that just does notmake and flowers and swans, and a ring, decorated wedding table and chairs.Balloons help create a festive atmosphere, even in small cafes.In addition, the balls hide the shortcomings that exist in the room.After all, expensive restaurants and chic interior not everyone can afford.The ideal option to make a clearance cafe at the wedding will be a combination of balloons with the colors, fabrics and lighting.As a rule, it depends on the opportunities that lie in the financial well-being.

# 2

basic composition of the balls taken place where the bride and groom sit, that is at the head table.Typically, of the balls are made to do the heart.Species their multitude: and the heart with a pattern, and a single color and dual heart and filled, for example, some sequins.Also balls often make the decorations in the form of s

wans, or rings, intertwined with each other.Chains of helium balloons decorate the whole room, where guests will be located.

# 3

colors balls is not limited, but it is the most favorite, most frequently ordered couples.In the first place, design in white and red colors.Slightly less popular are white and blue, white and pink, white and golden decoration.Less choose bright colors: orange, purple.These shades are characteristic relaxed couples who want to have a wedding to remember for a long time.It is worth knowing that the cafe decoration for a wedding - it's not just a matter of the bride and groom, and witnesses who need them to help with this.

# 4

Another idea for the wedding decoration cafe - a fresh flowers.It is very important option.Remarkably will look if the flowers will be in the cafe one style of bride with a bouquet.Perfect idea to design in this genre will be small vases of flowers placed on the holiday table, and on the windows;floor large vase;Vintage cells braided curly flowers.Also, you can braid curly flowers hall cafe - it will look very fascinating and beautiful.In addition to this type of jewelry used is also special stickers, and posters.Interestingly will look photos of the bride and groom that you can take more of their childhood.

# 5

There is another type of registration café premises - this lighting design.In fashion it entered recently, but has already managed to establish itself with the best hand.You can create an unusual appearance garlands, sparkling rains and interesting transform the room.Interestingly, how to decorate the cafe for a wedding Woven fabrics?Firstly, draperies - beautiful fabric that hangs on the wall or on the ceiling.Perfectly suited these types of fabrics such as tulle, silk, organza and other tissues, which helps to create an image of the flight.It is best if the cloth on the table will be executed in the same style with the drape.In addition, you can spread out on a table cloth napkins, and chairs make special capes with large bows in the same style as the draperies on the wall.

# 6

Back in the cafe, especially if it is not great, good will look candles on the table, which will be given to the triumph of romance.Their colors should be white and red.Excellent will look candles, placed on the window sill, and a battery that are beneath them better drape fabrics, or on special pillars, which may be in the cafe.The bridesmaids can help to make the walls and doors of a kind of café appliqués in the shape of butterflies, flowers and hearts.It is worth remembering that all decorations should create a festive atmosphere and harmony with each other.The main thing is not to overdo it with unnecessary detail in the design of cafes, otherwise all the decoration will look strange and absurd.