How to change the voice on Skype ?

How to change the voice on Skype ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • program Skype
  • program Clownfish
  • program Scramby
  • Headphones
  • Microphone
# 1

As a result of the development of the World Wide Web to connect with people throughInternet to become better every year.With the help of programs we can not only correspond with the person, but even to hear his voice.In addition to standard tools for conversation on the Internet, there are many different programs to change the voice in such programs, such as Skype.Skype developers are well aware of the popularity of the program and are doing everything to bring it to even more users.Various programs to change the vote on Skype can be a distraction, there is a way to maintain confidentiality.Usually working with programs easier to simply because they are designed for different levels of users.In addition to all these advantages, there is still one- you can play a variety of computer games and talk on Skype at the same time, but by the background noise, whatever party can not hear your

game.The most simple program to change the vote on Skype from the internet is a legkoskachivaemy Clownfish utilities.

# 2

Almost every person registered on Skype, has this program on your computer.It combines a lot of useful features: instant translation of messages to more than 30 languages, encryption, Text to Speech, Auto-Cast congratulations on his birthday and other holidays, recording conversations on Skype.This utility is easy to use and extends the work on Skype, but has one minus a small set of votes.Further detail describes how to install and use this program on your computer.Do not be afraid that it will take a lot of space on your hard drive.First you need to download Clownfish program from the following link http: // / download.htm.Once the browser will load the link in the window you need to click "Download now" button.You can not be afraid to infect your computer, this tool is absolutely not a virus and also completely free.Once the program is downloaded to your computer, you need to install it.Run the downloaded file to begin installation.During installation, do not need to change any settings, you only need to press the Next button → Next → Install → Next → Finish.

# 3

So, the installation completed.Now we turn the program using a shortcut on the desktop (click the left mouse button two times).In the lower right corner near the clock icon appear clown fish.This is the Clownfish icon.Click on the right mouse button and select the voice, whom we wish to speak.For example: Voice Changer → Voices → Pitch (Baby) - the voice of a small child.Voice Changer → Voices → Pitch (Helium) - voice, as though after inhaling helium from a balloon.Total program accommodates 10 different voices.But, unfortunately, you can not listen to them in advance.Therefore, to decrypt the votes, the user must know English or have a translator on the computer.In order to start the program to work, you need to log in to Skype and on the home page click on "Give access".Then that would be a sound check, you need to call your contact Echo / Sound Test Service and say something.If you activate the program, it will be possible to hear the selected voice.After that, you can make calls and play friends.All is ready!Now it remains only to use voice dialing, for your pleasure!

# 4

There is another program that will help to learn how to change the voice on Skype.This utility-Scramby.It is just very easy to install and use.From Clownfish, it differs in that the change of votes in Skaype- is its secondary function.In addition, it can apply noise to talk and even create their own sounds.Scramby Sound Library easily updated via the Internet.And it's free too.Scramby can learn how to use and no instructions on the Internet, but if there are problems with the installation or configuration, you should refer to this article.Of course, you first need to download the program from the Internet.To do this, just enough to drive in a search engine "to download the program for free Scramby" and choose the link from which the utility is loaded.Next, we find it on your computer, set, again without changing any settings.When the installation is complete, your computer have a new virtual sound card- this is Scramby working principle.Then we act according to the instructions.

# 5

program interface very easy.Run Scramby.She will start the search for audio devices and the need to help her.Select from the offered active devices.the program then starts looking for a microphone.Again, you need to choose the microphone to be used for calls.Immediately adjust the volume.Click "Finish".Scramby program is configured.Loading Skype.Go to the "Tools" - "Settings" - "main" - "Audio Setup" and in the "microphone" to choose "Scramby Microphone".At the end click "Finish" button and you are ready to talk on Skype.But Scramby installation program may problema impossible activation occur.This means that the key is required for the proper operation of the utility.Recruiting on the Internet "Scramby key" and the search engine will give you a reference.We pass on to that liked more and swing key.Then simply run the file with the key, the key is copied to the clipboard (ctrl + c), is then inserted into the window where you want to enter the key (ctrl + V) and you're done!