How to clean your computer from viruses ?

How to clean your computer from viruses ?
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# 1

Every computer user has a set of programs, which he enjoys.And that would be suitable for the job, they need to constantly update, something to download from the Internet.A worldwide network, unfortunately, "roam" considerable number virusov- malicious programs that eat up operating system files.Because of them, the computer will slow down, cool, hang, and can be completely stop working.Therefore, at this time every Internet user and the computer needs to know how to clean your computer from viruses.Malware on your network just uyma- Trojans, worms, and other vermin.Before you clean your computer from viruses, you need to install antivirus software on your computer.If your computer does not have antivirus installation file, you will have to again turn to the internet.Once the program is downloaded to the global network connection you want to disable, as the removal of viruses when the Internet is impossible.Before st

arting the antivirus you need to prepare your computer.This will help to reduce the scan time Antivirus systems and facilitate the work of the utility.

# 2

Cleaning from viruses is not difficult computer but still need to be careful.Therefore, training consists of several stages: clearing your browser's cache, cleaning baskets, cleaning the Temp folder, disable system restore and remove all old restore points.Temp folder and the browser cache is usually cleaned using CCleaner program.It also can be easily downloaded from the Internet, the interface is clear and usage is not difficult.To remove old restore points, you need to go down this path: Control Panel- system and safety- system.Next to the left side of the window select the "System Protection".In the new window select the drive you want to clean, and using the "customize" to delete all restore points.You can even disable this feature altogether.Cleaning the basket cause difficulties should not.As many computer specialists recommend including safe mode.To do this, restart the computer, and at the time he loads the operating system, press F8.In the window that appears select "Safe Mode" and start Enter.This computer training to the anti-virus is over.Getting other electronic treatment.

# 3

Further, for example, describes how to install an antivirus program Dr.Web CureIt.You can use any other antivirus software for computer cleaning, but this program is the most popular.Download utility Dr.Web CureIt is very simple.Just type in a search engine's name and "free download".When the program is downloaded to your computer, you can install.So, first run the downloaded installation file.In the resulting window, put a check next to "I agree to take part..." And click "continue".Then, for a more complete scan your computer for viruses, select the objects to be scanned.Click the button.To select all the folders, you must start at the top "test objects".If you need to check several folders separately or even one, then you need only tick on it.Run the test using the button at the bottom of the window and wait for its completion.After the scan window opens, where it will be written threats found or not.If the virus is still is- the bottom of this window you can see the mini-table, and in the "action" you can choose what to do with the found virus: cleaned, moved or deleted.Click "neutralize".In the last window should display the final status of the computer.And most likely it will be "all security threats successfully removed."At the end of the test program, you can simply close.

# 4

Many do not know how to apply the same effect to the virus when it is found, this utility.So, you need to start from the programs of the computer.If the program is familiar, then you need to press the "skip" or "treat", if in the name of the program - a strange set of characters, it can be swept to remove.Just do not forget that this utility Dr.Web CureI disposable.That is downloaded, tested, removed.What would later time to check your computer, you need to download the new version.Every day they are posted on the website time depends on the amount of filled space on the hard disk.Sometimes the scan can be delayed even for 2-3 hours.Therefore it is best to run Dr.Web CureI overnight.This article has helped Internet users to know how to clean your computer from viruses.Dr. programWeb CureI rescued many people in the fight against network parasites.But we should remember that it is possible to avoid the computer and diseases.It is necessary not only to move to unfamiliar websites and do not download suspicious files.And a system check should be carried out 2 times a month, even if you were not in danger of the operating system.