How to hold a parent meeting for first graders ?

How to hold a parent meeting for first graders ?
You will need:
  • Determination meeting the goals and objectives
  • Discussion
  • plans Discussion
  • pupils Personal Talk
# 1

Many teachers, especially those who are just startinggain experience in the profession, are wondering how to conduct parent-teacher meeting with parents of first-graders.

# 2

Determination meeting goals and objectives.At each meeting, the goal should be defined, in other words, the teacher must understand in advance what he wants to convey to the parents.Based on the goals, it is necessary to identify the problem and draw up a general plan, so how to conduct parent-teacher meeting without it is simply impossible.

# 3

convenient time.It is also important to determine a convenient time for the start of the meeting to all the parents had come.After all, everyone has a job, and every parent needs time to get home and catch a meal before they go to the meeting.

# 4

Talk plans.In many schools, a variety of events and charges of money, so once settled the questio

n of how to organize a meeting, it is necessary to put parents in popularity to the nearest plans.

# 5

Discussion pupils.At each meeting, as a rule, should be given time to discuss student performance and behavior.Of course, talking about every child does not make sense, but still it is recommended to allocate a few people.You can encourage the success of the best students, as to hold the first parent meeting - is not only a discussion of immediate plans, but also the discussion of the students themselves.Also be sure to talk about the problems, if any fellowship of children or in their performance.

# 6

personal conversation.Of course, there are situations that are not necessary to make public in front of all the parents.For example, some child has behavior problems, communication and academic performance, and because of this stands out from the crowd.Therefore, teachers need to know how to spend fun parent-teacher meeting without publicly humiliating children and without offending their dignity.And this is recommended only after the meeting to ask some parents to stay with them in person to discuss emerging issues, and discuss ways to solve them.

# 7

more tips.Sometimes it is very difficult to hold a meeting, especially if the teacher is a little bit worried and afraid to miss important points.So do not be superfluous to consult with experienced colleagues and ask them how to prepare for parent-teacher conferences, and in this case, success will be guaranteed.In fact, hold a parents' meeting is not so difficult, the main pre-set meeting the goal, and to identify the tasks that should be discussed with parents.And if there are difficulties, it is not superfluous to consult with colleagues.