How to draw a book exhibition ?

How to draw a book exhibition ?
You will need:
  • Directly books themselves
  • Guidelines and Article
  • racks, printing materials
  • Balloons and other decorations
# 1

To start a good think over,a theme will be devoted to your book exhibition.The key to a successful event is to target orientation, that is very important to find and address his exhibition certain circle of people, such as parents of teenagers, craftsmen, fan fiction, or historical novels.In order to correctly pick up the necessary materials are used in their work bibliographies.Of all the selected literature, select the most interesting and significant.

# 2

Give preference to those sources, which contain as much of the required information, or contains interesting material recently published.Try to choose the books that will interest visitors to your exhibition is not only exciting content, but also a nice bright appearance.Think about what kind of structure and content will have a future exhibition.It is important not to overload the exposure unnecessary

materials and information.After all, it is important not the quantity but the quality of the books.

# 3

Try to make sure that each book would be available for review.An important choice will be the name of your show.Puzzled by the question "how to make a book exhibition" Remember that the title of the book for the exhibition should be succinct, catchy and well-remembered and reflect the essence and theme of the exhibition.You can use the aphorisms and quotations of famous people, or sayings of the most interesting works for the name of your book exhibition.

# 4

Pay special attention to the font that will be used in the design of the section name and the title of the exhibition itself.For example, the exposure on children can use colored and variegated letters, stylized figures of fun, and to use more rigorous, concise font for serious subjects.In the design of the exhibition you may need different posters, portraits of famous people and even home furnishings - in short, all that will help to give you an idea of ​​the exhibition, to create a special image and color.

# 5

For proper placement of your trade show exhibits, consider the size of the book, the color and the character of its cover, contents.Try using this knowledge to put the book so that would be their perception was the most convenient for visitors.How to draw a book exhibition?In order that the book would have been more visible, rotate the book with a light cover of books with dark covers.Such an arrangement would help highlight and emphasize each exhibit.It is not necessary to place the book in a strict order size.

# 6

Try to create an interesting geometric composition, for example, in the center of the biggest on the size of the book, and from it on both sides diverge smaller books.Or alternate the books on their height, and the most interesting books of the exhibition can be placed on separate shelves in expanded form, decorated with shelves some subject which will overlap with the content of the work.If you want to show comments or reviews, newspaper articles about a particular book, then make advance copy of this document.

# 7

Do not overload the show lots of color.To obtain enough no more than three colors.Choosing the right colors will help you to create the mood of the entire exhibition.When choosing colors should pay attention to the fact that, for example, young people, preferring bright colors, unusual contrasts, as people of the older generation on the contrary like soothing colors.Prepare for your book exhibition posters, with the announcement of the invitation to visit the exhibition.Quite incidentally will and individual invitations.They can be made in the printing or send electronically.