How to decorate the room for the wedding with his own hands : Tips for decorating

How to decorate the room for the wedding with his own hands : Tips for decorating
You will need:
  • candles
  • flower garlands
# 1

Preparing for a wedding always takes a lot of time and effort.It is necessary to designate and day, and the room to order and decide on the dress, hair and makeup.In addition, there are smaller things without which a good marriage is not arranged.Above all, do not forget about the bride's room, which will come the bride and guests.After all, according to tradition, after redemption of the groom gets it in her room.It must therefore be suitably decorated.Some people think that this is not so important, but here they are wrong, because the wedding - feast, in which it is important to everything from the bride's room and ending location for a wedding.It is therefore important to know the answer to the question, how to decorate the room of the bride for the wedding the bride's own hands.

# 2

As a rule, no bride price can not do none of the wedding, so the rooms to be clean and cozy.In addition, room must be decorate in an appropriate style.Al

l this will help to purchase the solemnity of the room, and give guests the love and the couple good mood early in the day.The room can be decorated with a bride without any financial cost, as most of the jewelry can be created with their own hands.It is important to consider all elements of the decor not only to the bride's room, but throughout her apartment.It is desirable that the style was one.As decorations for the room, you can use a variety of accessories: candles, flowers, balloons, drapery fabric, garlands, pictures, posters and so on.It is necessary to consider some of the ideas in more detail.

# 3

Interestingly, even small ornaments create a cozy holiday atmosphere necessary.In addition, it is important that in the decorations were a touch of romance, it will give even more solemnity.How to decorate the room for the wedding with their own hands?It's quite simple, it is good if the bride will help it to make her friends.The first thing that decorate the room - the flowers.Here, you can use any colors in any of their kind, such as lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, irises, gladioli, calla lilies.In addition to "expensive" colors can be used and cheaper options - lilacs, tulips, daisies, daffodils, asters and others.Nicely they will look great armfuls in vases.Paul bride's room can be covered with rose petals - it is very romantic.Also petals is filled with a transparent vase.

# 4

Balloons also help create a festive atmosphere.Some might say that this is commonplace and is already out of date, but it is worth remembering that virtually no holiday is complete without this decoration.It's very beautiful, most importantly, choose the original idea.You can simply fill the balloons with helium and arrange them on the ceiling and can be ordered figurines made of balls: in the form of hearts, rings or swans.Beautifully will look if the balls draw arch doors, window openings, as well as to decorate curtains.The only thing you need to remember that you can not use in the interior too many balls, including a different color.This may already seem not beautiful.Best ball taking 2-3 colors, no more.After the bride price balloons can take with them to the registrar.

# 5

In addition, room decoration for the wedding can begin to design it with garlands.Especially look good in the room, paper garlands, hand made, in the form of angels, hearts, butterflies, ringlets.Fresh flowers will also look great in garlands.To do this, they will be processed with a special compound so they do not povyali.In the winter, it is appropriate to be a garland of snowflakes, but do not use electric garlands.Many will recall that in the kindergartens they cut paper flags.The room is also possible to issue them.It is important to draw on the Valentine heart flags, rings, doves and other wedding symbols.

# 6

can drape beautifully wall segments white tulle.This tissue, which is very similar to the bride's veil, which is very symbolic.Romantically will look if tulle drape the entrance to the bride's room.Decorating the room with his hands on the wedding can also be done with the help of candles.They will add romance, especially if placed in the middle of the flower arrangements.Great look and candles, decorate satin ribbons.No need to try to use a large number of accessories for decoration.It will be sufficient to use 2-3 kinds of them.Good luck to the celebration!