How do I attach a veil ?

How do I attach a veil ?
You will need:
  • Single-layer veil
  • multilayer veil
  • Studs
  • Scallop
  • Hairspray
# 1

Every girl who dreams to get married, want to be on their ownwedding of the most beautiful, gentle and irresistible.This opportunity gives her wedding dress, which is a very important part of the whole image of the bride.By choosing a suitable dress all the girls are very responsible, but no less important in this image and veil.It is associated with many superstitions, rituals and traditions that rare girl reshitsyapoyti down the aisle without a veil.

# 2

In preparation for such a wonderful celebration, like a wedding, the girl picked up in advance not only the dress, but her hair.It is important to think in advance all the details of how and where it will be attached veil, how and how perfectly it fit, so that he does not think of your wedding day, as the trailer veil stronger.Fixing veil depends not only on the hair, but also on the type of veil.

# 3

single layer veil - it is an easy and gentl

e option for him is suitable mount c by conventional pins.Usually this is fixed in the center of a veil of hair and too much trouble it causes.Fata layered - it is very lush and heavy veils, weight depends on the number of layers and decorations (rhinestones, beads, lace).This kind of veil looks very impressive, and every professional stylist knows how attached veil of this type.

# 4

The main thing here - reliably and well to consolidate all this beauty so that both the hair and the whole way were light and airy, to minimize the inconvenience and worries about everything to remain intact untilend of the celebration.So here are used to secure the stud is not just, as the basis of a scallop.

# 5

Scallops are both plastic and iron.They can be made without decorations to completely hide their hair, and vice versa can differ unusual design and become the highlight of the entire hairstyle.Iron scallops reliability and durability, as there is less likelihood that they may break during the celebrations.First, the veil is attached to the scallops, then the whole structure is located in the middle of hair, well-poured lacquer at the base and the reliability of fixed and even studs.

# 6

Here's how to attach the veil can be reliably, but it's not easy.So it's best not to experiment on their own and resort to professional stylists and hairdressers.On this solemn day, the bride should be in a good mood, and even exciting moments will be connected with the marriage, but not the details of the dress.If you think everything through in advance, there is nothing to spoil your most important and happiest day in my life.