How to start a speech ?

How to start a speech ?
You will need:
  • handle
  • Four leaf paper
  • Computer
  • Literature
# 1

important first carefully examine the theme of his speech.To do this, take a few sheets of paper and allocate a certain point.The first point, which is to say, be sure to explain to the public, and, - why this topic is touched upon the issue.Then, it is necessary to expand the main aspect of some additions, for a clear and precise picture.

# 2

Further, it is important to dilute with a little speech moments, said casual.One should not forget that there are things that should be silent and did not mention in his speech.After that, all thoughts come to mind should be recorded at the appropriate time performances.Then you can select the most important and interesting facts to the public.

# 3

necessary not to lose yourself in a huge amount of information as the correct statement should start with setting goals.It is important to put the main task as a guide.He must know what he wants from his speech, and what goals it

wants to achieve.It is very important to study the audience.Success largely depends on the knowledge of the one who listens to the speaker.

# 4

Thus, the smaller the audience, the greater should be the knowledge about it.Therefore, it is necessary to study the composition of the audience, the interests and needs of students.It is necessary to know in advance what questions they can ask and be able to pre-prepare the answers to these questions.It is necessary to prepare for the presentation materials and special equipment for them.Take the time to check the outlets, extension cords, make sure of serviceability of relevant instruments.

# 5

Be prepared to provide a place for performances and take care of clean drinking water.Speakers person should consider its appearance to the smallest detail.It is important to inspire confidence in the listener, since the start address should be correct.Any flaw, for example, in the shape of the speaker may cause a smile and confidence of the public.

# 6

It is important to say at the beginning of the right words.It is through well selected entry can be of interest to the listener and draw attention to themselves.Of course, it is important to greet the listener and to inform about the purpose of his speech.You can grab the attention with the help of jokes (of course, pre-arranged).

# 7

can surprise the listener and thus to bring his speech, ask a question and ask the public to answer it.Then he stands alone begin to answer the questions asked and a smooth transition to the speech.If the speaker feels the excitement is to take himself in hand, to try to cope with it, and then the performance goes well.