How to hold the first parent-teacher meeting ?

How to hold the first parent-teacher meeting ?
You will need:
  • good mood
  • Minutes of the meeting
# 1

Shortly before to be held meeting every young teacher begins to think and how to spend the first parent meeting.Do not be afraid, there is nothing difficult!All that is required - it is self-confidence and the ability to reach out to each parent of the pupils.In this day an acquaintance of the teacher with the parents, the most exciting moment for beginners to experts.The main task is not to please moms and dads, and show himself as an objective of the teacher and educator.To this end, it is important to have a sense of pedagogical tact, because every parent wants to see their child good.All the negative points is present in a friendly manner, not scolding a child, and making a brief comment on the behavior or performance.

# 2

Attract creativity and talents deteyPomoch teacher in the answer to the question of how to spend an interesting parent meeting are the following tips: Prepare a small concert with the children.Parents will be

pleased to see how their children dance and sing, and maybe act out scenes.To organize a thematic exhibition of works by students or drawings.Subject matter, such as walking can be offered in the autumn forest, as the meeting is usually held in late September.

# 3

drawing up a plan on how to prepare for parent-teacher conferences, you must choose a theme.Since it is the first thing you need to discuss organizational issues, choose the parents' committee, to tell the plan extracurricular activities for one year, ask the wishes of fathers and mothers.Also during the first month of the study, it is good to keep a diary of observations of the behavior and academic performance of children, especially noting their extraordinary actions and words so as not to miss out on meeting interesting moments.

# 4

young teachers is important to know how to hold a parent meeting properly.During its necessarily being a protocol in which fixed performance as teachers and parents.Be sure to write down, and a decision that will be made during the discussion of all issues.The young specialist may face difficulties.Some parents may be taken with a grain of salt or ill will toward him.It is very important to choose the right words, avoiding rudeness, so they revised their opinion of him, and the conflict situation has been eliminated.Before you arrange a meeting, you must notify the parents by recording with the date and time of its holding in the diaries of students.