How to make a box of money on a wedding , and decorate it

How to make a box of money on a wedding , and decorate it
You will need:
  • box
  • glue
  • paper
  • ruffles
  • paint
  • beads and rhinestones
# 1

Usually ready for the wedding, think through all the details.Carefully compiled menu, ordered a cake, a lot of time is devoted to design of the hall and table.About gowns, bouquets, car and can not speak.This is the most important thing at a wedding.But on such seemingly small things, like a box of money, usually overlooked.And at the last moment is taken or a three-liter glass jar, or an ordinary cardboard box, or in the best case, casket.But she quickly filled.And in the course of giving accounts from time to time to release the box.And it is not very convenient.But you can, paying only a 1-2 hours in advance to prepare a beautiful and original solution to this problem.Before we make a box for money for the wedding, you need to know how many guests will be.

# 2

If it is a small party, then we can take as a basis the box from under the shoe of the bride.If the expected grand celebration, it is better to s

tock up on a large duct.For example, a set of Multivarki or pans.The next stage - the decorating.Of course, I want to box is not out of the general atmosphere of the wedding.In this case, it should be decorated in the style of celebration.For romantic wedding obtyanut first side of the box any tissue can be very cheap.Then, from the top, using hot glue to attach the lace.Its pre-cut into pieces of equal sides of the box.The top edge of ruffles pasted.On the sidewalls using rhinestones or beads to lay out a pattern, which is also glued.The main thing is not to overdo it.

# 3

for student wedding box can be decorated with humor.First, write on it the different humorous sayings-treatment to the guests.For example, "Do not feel sorry for money for a young family!"" No, "and so on. D. Second, it is possible to box, paste over her sheets with lectures, attach baby pacifier, rattle, bow tie in men's and women's socks and stockings too glued to the box with us cormorants.Then we can write post on stockings and socks.Wedding youth, student, and on the verge of a foul humor very appropriate.Therefore, before a box of money on a wedding with your hands, be sure to have an idea of ​​who will be invited to the celebration.I do not want to put guests in an awkward position.

# 4

Another good idea harping donation money will be safe under the stylization of the box.Then you need to take a box wider and deeper.Attach lid and in its upper part cut door.To paint or paste over the gray paper.Make large letters the inscription: "Safe family ....".Then close to the symbolic key and to give the newlyweds.Or to seal and sign all guests.For those who love practical jokes, you can offer a bit extreme on the perception of an option.This will require a very large box.For example, out of the refrigerator.The box should be placed on its side.Divide pencil on three equal parts and each part to decorate or decorate according to the destination.In the first write a "head of family", the second "Mistress", the third - "Children".

# 5

on the part of that is my husband, to draw a car, a mobile phone, rods, logs, tools.Next - pans, rollers, a cup of coffee, a vacuum cleaner or a broom, etc. The children's -.. Toys, books, notebooks.But the design of the box for the money is not yet completed.On top of each part should be carefully cut three holes directly for themselves money.Before the very process of giving announce visitors, so they put their offerings "targeted":.. The husband of a future machine, the wife a new dress, children on a bicycle, etc. At the end of two people took the box carefully it shake on both sides andsay: "In fact, there is.Inside, there are no partitions.So let money be your overall household budget.Decide together, they you will need to have. "

# 6

From this supply, for sure, everyone will be delighted.Main ahead of time not to inform about the idea of ​​the bride and groom.After all, this should be a surprise for the two of them.And not just a surprise, as the first life lesson.Pondering the idea of ​​how to decorate the wedding money box with your hands, you can resort to the advice of the old men.He and his worldly wisdom sure to offer some neizbity, an interesting option.For example, to style box under the old chest.Or, if a good try, to turn an ordinary gray and nondescript box in the house.

# 7

If rectangular and square shaped boxes do not like, the perfect round box out of tea or coffee service.There is now full.And then it will be enough just to decorate it with the lid and make an interesting inscription along the rim of the box.An original and fun way to make money by offering guests ready!