How to make a stand at the exhibition ?

How to make a stand at the exhibition ?
You will need:
  • stand at
  • exhibition Materials for decoration
# 1

To begin, decide what goals you will pursue in the exhibition focus of the event and the overall style of yourexhibition space.On this will depend on the overall design of the stand.Try to consider the design of the stand at the show so that he was able to attract the attention of potential customers.For this it must be unique and interesting simultaneously.

# 2

There are several long-established rules when placing booths.For example, there is a method of "ah-stopperĀ» (eye-stopper).So called bright design element that attracts attention.This may be a bright color of the stand and the uniforms of employees, who will work at the exhibition, unusual decorations on the stand, etc.For example, many people know this trick - at many exhibitions manufacturers use to attract customers great puppets, and auto shows, at stands run pretty girls-models.But to use this technique with great care, because the element of "ah-stopper" ca

n divert attention away from your products and information about it.

# 3

How to make a stand at the exhibition?An excellent option for original stand design may be all sorts of moving objects.This may be the original video of the product and the manufacturer, or any bright moving objects even indirectly related to the theme of the site, such as a fountain, a large shaped balloon on a stand.

# 4

sure to place at its booth visitors the opportunity to try your product.If you fancy food - arrange interesting wine if you fancy furniture - allow customers to lie down, sit on each exhibit that they saw themselves in the quality of your products.Try to use the original, but it is clear to any visitor of the exhibition idea.Too fanciful and intricate design options are contrary alienate potential customers.

# 5

Use sound.It may be music on the stand, regular announcements on the radio about your exhibition stand, a variety of sound effects, for example, after each concluded deal gong sound, or greeting regular customers.You can use all the generators of pleasant scents.That too will serve to attract customers.This, of course, is unlikely to be used at exhibitions food or perfumes.But nevertheless it is necessary to use this method to provide other goods.

# 6

Be prepared to provide the required amount of text and the transfer of information.Make sure that she was extremely concise, but informative, this will help in a simple style to introduce visitors to your exhibits and attract them special attention and interest.Make sure that the employees who will work at the stand, certainly had the opportunity to put himself in order to improve their appearance, a little bite to eat and relax.This is important for what would be your booth, in general, looked attractive and the staff were kind and optimistic mood.

# 7

pre-positioned on its stand refreshments, cooler with water, tea or coffee.Ask the participants to the exhibition, your business partners and potential customers just small snacks, candy, cookies.Promptly update the information on the stand, it will help you as well to be a little ahead of the exhibitors and attract more customers.