How to make a children's show ?

You will need:
  • suitable premises
  • paint Whatman, gouache
  • Coloured paper, tape, scissors, glue
  • Balloons,
  • children photography Various decorations
# 1

Children's exhibition - it is always an important event.From how well you decide to the question "how to make a children's show", will largely depend on the success of your event and the mood of the guests and participants.To start think of the name of your show.It should reflect the theme of the exhibition and attract visitors.Try to draw the name of a bright and original.This letter may be in the form of toys, or inscription of balloons.Remember the inscription should attract, not distract visitors from the exhibition itself.

# 2

sure fabricate colorful poster-announcement, in which you inform me of the place and time of the exhibition.It is best to prepare a few of these posters and hang them in different places.Prepare a colorful invitations that kids will be able to pass on to their parents and relatives.In addition, invitations

can be sent to representatives of the various social services and the employee is in charge of a particular child care center or club.

# 3

Try to create a single identity for the entire exhibition.Be sure to provide to each exhibit a sign which will be indicated the author, his age, when and what made this or that work, with the use of a technology.All labels must be made in the same style.For example, would ideally look bright large print on plain white paper.

# 4

Making children's exhibition requires imagination and ingenuity.Well, if you're posting on the walls of photographs of children with their work or in the process of their creation.This will not only decorate your exhibition, but also greatly enliven and diversify it.Place all the exhibits so that they are not covered or overlapped.Try to create a number of works of different character composition, so that visitors could get acquainted with each exhibit, examine it from all angles.

# 5

will be great if your visitors will see an exhibition guide.This may be an adult or older child.To do this, prepare in advance the information that is needed in the guide.Self Guided Tours can be brought in the form of a wizard or guardian of treasures, and perhaps it will be a fun fairy tale character.Everything depends on the topic and idea of ​​the exhibition.

# 6

Prepare a small treat for guests.This can be tea, juice, candy and cookies.You may be able to order an original cake design that will overlap with the theme of the exhibition.Do not be amiss to beautifully decorated guest book, where each guest can leave your feedback about what they saw.