How to choose a water filter ?

How to choose a water filter ?
You will need:
  • water analysis results
  • defined with the desired water quality
  • Calculate the cost per liter of water
# 1

purchasing a water filter, you should determine for themselves,what type of pollution need to be addressed.Universal water purifiers do not happen.Water filters vary the appearance and the manufacturer use different cleaning methods basically work.In such a wide variety of filters offered by modern consumer market, for the proper selection of the cleaning of the filter should be guided by certain criteria.

# 2

first criterion for proper selection of the cleaning filter is a chemical and bacterial analysis that will quantify the level of contamination of water consumed.After completing the preliminary analysis of water experts will help answer the question: how to choose a filter and a selection will be the most optimal and appropriate.In big cities there are even organizations that provide information on the level of water pollution in a particular area and help y

ou to choose a filter without a chemical analysis of water.

# 3

second criterion of selection of the filter is the desired quality and quantity of water to be treated.The volume of water consumption for a family is calculated by a formula that includes the number of family members, multiplied by 2.5-3 liters / per person.But, choosing the filter, it should be noted that the volume of water consumed may exceed the estimated number of two to three times.To obtain the desired water quality related solutions to many issues.

# 4

The customer has to decide what he is interested in: a simple post-treatment or running water with decreased levels of undesirable substances in the water, or to obtain maximum water purification, or further enrichment of water by any impurities.The end result depends on the method of water purification and a willingness to spend on this procedure the required amount of cash.

# 5

Addressing how to choose a water filter may be based on a comparison of new cleaning methods, such as membrane filtration and electrochemical method of water purification.In any case, in deciding to purchase the filter, the user should determine the solution of such questions: how to install a water purification system;way to warranty the filter module;methods of service water treatment system in the post-warranty period of the filter.

# 6

The most obvious way to demonstrate the economic feasibility of the content of a water treatment method are the prices for accessories, spare parts and filters for reagents.At the end it is to recommend to calculate the provisional value of one liter of filtered water.In focus is to take only the cost of reagents and components, as the plant itself can work indefinitely.Water - the source of life.So let it brings vigor and health of its customers.