How to choose the height of the table ?

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You will need:
  • Roulette
  • Stadiometer
  • Pen and paper
# 1

first step is to define the purpose of use of the table.A variety of tables in the furniture market requires care consumer.Tables are computer, dining, work, school, massage, etc.All tables must comply with one common demand - a manufacturer of high-quality materials are not exposed to the danger of life and health of consumers.The most popular are wooden tables model.

# 2

When it comes to the kitchen table, where the cut products, the dough is rolled out, the selection of the table should be made based on the height and build of the hostess kitchen.The entire work area must be selected taking into account the requirements of the hostess.As a rule, the majority of tables sold in the furniture market has a height of 85 cm. For people with a growth of 168 cm and a lower table height of 85 cm is suitable.With the growth of more than 168 cm is recommended table height 89 cm and above.

# 3

How to choose the height of the table in the kitchen, right?Referring to the ergonomic advice on the selection and definition of the parameters of the best furniture.To determine the height of "their" table need to be straight, bend your arm at the elbow, measure from the bent elbow down to 15 cm. Then measure the distance from the mark of 15 cm to the floor.The resulting value, and determines the height of the table with table top;

# 4

Separately, it should answer the question, "What should be the height of the table in the child."The best thing a child seat at the table and watch the position of the feet and hands.Feet under the table should be bent at 90 degrees, their location should be free.Many models of children's desks are height adjustable table tops and legs.If the child's feet do not reach the floor, substituted a special footrest for the feet.A child below 115 cm suitable desk height 50 cm.

# 5

If a child grows up to 10 cm, his table should "grow up" to 5 cm. The height of the computer desks ranging from 68 to 80 cm. A table with a height of less than 60see will deliver discomfort sitting behind him, as little space is left for the legs.Dining and desks are selected in height, as well as the computer.The table should be comfortable to sit, elbows should not hang down or be held high, back strain is eliminated.