How to choose potted plants ?

How to choose potted plants ?
You will need:
  • Pots
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
# 1

Select the correct setting for the plant location.Those plants that do well with a partial or full shade can stand almost anywhere in the house, except for the seats in front of a window that faces east or west.Plants that require direct sunlight should be placed on the window.

# 2

Choose the right plants for your climate.Plants that are in need of the sun all year round, will not feel good inside the house is located in a dark, gloomy place.The plants love the shade, on the other hand, it can be grown almost anywhere.

# 3

Not knowing how to choose the right colors for a room, determine the type of plants that will comply with the conditions of cultivation and the environment, which is available to you.For example, succulents and cacti grow well in dry environments without regular watering.They are ideal for a warm, dry climate, or for an owner who can not devote much time to the plant, watering it regularly.

# 4

Another method is to choose potted plants, is to purchase them for a certain place in the house.Select the correct alignment.Flowering plants, cacti and bamboo are great for placing on the coffee table or in other areas with limited space.Herbs are great for small windows.

# 5

small trees such as braided ficus, look good in a separate pot in the corner.Choose plants that add color you like.Some people prefer a deep, soft green jade, while others prefer something bright and exotic.

# 6

If you are confused and can not figure out how to pick the flowers, take care of their own account.Cacti and evergreens requires virtually no maintenance.Violets and many exotic plants, on the contrary, very temperamental in this matter.

# 7

Do not buy plants that need careful control of water and feeding, if you do not have time to do it.Take your time to bloom into account.Different plants bloom in different months.If you can plan properly, selection of indoor plants, you can look at blooming flowers all year round.