How to choose a vest of fox ?

How to choose a vest of fox ?
You will need:
  • ability to deal in furs
  • desire to buy fur vest
  • decent amount of money
# 1

So, you decided to dress up for the cold.And the result of your thinking about buying something "warm and soft" it became a vest of fox.Now quite often you can find jackets, and various other products made of artificial fur.To distinguish real from fake fur fur can almost any woman.A woman can do this only by looking at the fur, the other the need to touch the fur.

# 2

essence that distinguish fake fur from the present is not so difficult.Then there are other questions: "Where can I buy a fur vest fox?", "How many a vest will it cost?", "How to determine the quality of the fur?" And finally, "How to choose a vest of fox from the set for sale models?".Where can I buy a vest fox fur?

# 3

fur now sold almost everywhere: in markets, specialty stores, department stores and even "under the counter".Buy a vest, and other fur products "under the counter", certainly not worth it.Your vest of fox c

an be easily sewn far from the fox, but from a much cheaper fur.And the quality is great sum: fur may start to crumble and fade.

# 4

Buy a bottle in stores or in specialized stores - the most reliable way to purchase.But only if you are not low on money.Leather goods, which are sold in stores and department stores will be much more expensive than buying in the market.So buying a place selected according to their financial capabilities.The cost of the vest depends on who the manufacturer and how much was spent on the fur vest.

# 5

So what price range is quite wide: from the beginning of the price take 600-700 dollars and rushing farther.How to choose a vest of fox: style and quality, which should be preferred.The appearance of the fur must be perfect: in any case should not be bald spots, fur color should be nice and smooth, he fur - soft, pleasant to the touch and shiny.

# 6

Style vest - a matter of taste, each person he strictly personal, so advise something just does not matter.The only thing that can be said - is the choice of the vest, depending on the time of year when you want to wear it.If it is winter, then buy a vest and long lining.If you fall or spring, the vest can be lighter and shorter.And basically the choice of color and style - just for you.