How to choose the right compression stockings ?

How to choose the right compression stockings ?
You will need:
  • Medical consultation
  • Pharmacy
  • quality standards
# 1

First you need to understand the differences between the compression stockings of the most common and why you need them.They are made from a special jersey, which puts pressure on your feet.It is important that compression stockings were chosen correctly.Otherwise, no effect, or even worse, it might be negative.

# 2

By making this choice, it is necessary to consult a doctor phlebologist that can determine if you have any diseases, and prescribe the appropriate class of compression stockings.Only he can tell you how to choose the right compression stockings.It is important to know what they are, and therapeutic, and preventive action.For example, a prophylactic option compression stockings need women who are often swollen legs, and there is heaviness in the legs.

# 3

they also needed for pregnant and suffering from the initial stage of varicose veins.For all the above cases, the compression should reach 18-21 m

m Hg or greater.Compression stockings for the same therapeutic class 2-4 may reach 49 millimeters and above.

# 4

There is one more detail, how to choose the right compression stockings.Buy they must be in a pharmacy.Pay attention to the warranty, it must be given on the packaging.Also make sure that they did not have stitches.Any of hosiery material compression, regardless of the therapeutic class, must be made by seamless technology.

# 5

Medical knitwear may be made from different materials.Thus, the elastic yarn is made based on the rubber, cotton or synthetics.Pick a model made from natural materials.This applies particularly to pregnant girls who have decided to buy compression stockings.The packaging compression stockings must be specified RAL standard.

# 6

This is a very important feature, since only through it guaranteed the safety and efficacy of the product directly.It is a guarantee of qualitative composition from which made stockings, strength of the material and the fact that it has been tested.Also on the package must be indicated another standard Oko-Tex Standard 100. This is a kind of guarantee compatibility stockings material with the human body.