How to choose equipment for hockey ?

How to choose equipment for hockey ?
You will need:
  • Cash
  • Shop sporting goods
  • Leisure
  • Care
# 1

Decide what purpose you need for hockey gear.If you decide to engage in a professional, you should buy all the clothing, which includes a stick, helmet, breastplate, elbow pads, gloves, pads (knee, shin or protectors), hockey pants and skates.For the amateur game, you can do just skates and stick.

# 2

When choosing a skate look for convenience, not the name of the manufacturer.They should be selected according to the size of the legs, it should not hang out inside.Skate Shoes should firmly fix the ankle joint, to avoid injury.One of the main requirements for skates - strength and lightness.Do not choose the cheapest model, it is as bad shoes can considerably spoil the game.

# 3

sticks are wooden and composite.Picks up a stick by a player growth.By the standards it should be at the level of the nose, but not below the chin.The choice should be made in an ordinary shoe.

# 4

When buying a helmet in the first place p

ay attention to his mount and weight.It should not be difficult.Almost all of them are made of high quality plastic.Pick helmet size and shape of the head.

# 5

bib protects the chest and back from shocks.It must be light and strong.True matched bib minimizes the number of possible injuries.

# 6

When selecting elbow pads note as bent - unbent hand.Nothing should constrain movement.Convenience is paramount.Check tightness.

# 7

gloved desirable adjustable length sleeves, which will firmly grasp the hand.It is better to choose a glove, consisting of two parts.

# 8

By choosing boards (knee pads) should be taken with the utmost seriousness.One of the most common injuries in the sport - knee injury.All guards must be articulated.

# 9

hockey pants provide protection for hips, tailbone and back.When buying pay attention to quality and durability.Pick clothes by size.When selecting equipment for hockey pay attention to the convenience.The qualitative form of the game will bring pleasure.