How to choose pink salmon with caviar ?

How to choose pink salmon with caviar ?
You will need:
  • Pink salmon unskinned
  • choice and leeway
  • Observation
  • confidence in their knowledge
  • Positive attitude
# 1

Existing differences recognition techniques gorbushi-female from male salmon are effective no matter what fish is on the counter - fresh or frozen.The main focus and not to rush.First of all, pay attention to the outline of the carcasses.

# 2

Usually, the female has a flat and smooth contours, but in the male body is more elongated, with a very noticeable build-up, the hump in the area between the head and the upper fin (for which, in fact, called this kind of pink salmon).If fish is not covered by a thick layer of frost or ice, compare color.

# 3

The male has pinkish scales with beautiful stripes and silvery sheen.Accordingly, before how to choose pink salmon with caviar, put the emphasis on Rybin modest and nondescript - a female.Claimed in his choosing - inspect the salmon head.

# 4

Long nose, curved and extended forward fierce jaws and long teeth

always belong only to the male pink salmon, because he has to take on the role of a warrior-conqueror in the spawning period.In all instances it is women (and teeth, and jaw) looks much smaller and smoother and rounded nose.

# 5

Apply final reception - study tail.Pink salmon-spawning females need the speed and freedom of maneuver and, therefore, its fin is elongated and is clearly divided in two.male tail-looking straight and much shorter.Relying on the opinion that the appearance of the female salmon are larger than the males, it should not be, because the latter can be both small and quite impressive in size.

# 6

Therefore, the size of fishes does not hint at how to find the pink salmon with caviar.Among males caught salmon and five-kilo specimens, although during his short (two-year) life of any female or male individuals simply do not have time to acquire a large mass and a normal weight they barely comes up to two kilograms.

# 7

have purchased pink salmon is thawed properly (not in a microwave oven), so as not to impair the taste and quality of the fish.Burke carefully.We take into account the age of the fish bought, because its capture occurs from July (sunset time in the river) in September.Knowing this should help the time to come to a choice of pink salmon in another period with great care and with higher requirements for its storage.