How to make beautiful hairstyles at home?

How to make beautiful hairstyles at home?
You will need:
  • Hairdryer
  • hair iron or styler
  • curlers or curling
  • Brashing - comb
  • Comb flat
# 1

No matter what the length and colorhair have their owner, you can become a hairdresser himself, if a little effort and imagination.Decorate the head different styling, hairstyles with ribbons, pins, hairpins, or modern fashion Wicker, charmingly put short hair very easy.To do this, you need to become familiar with the recommendations of the professional stylists how to make beautiful hairstyles, and then create them, experimenting with forms and methods of installation.

# 2

First, you need to prepare all the instruments, tools, and means of thermal protection of the hair, fixing the hairstyle and add volume.To do this, you need to buy, suitable for the type of hair: foams, mousses, lotions, styling gels, hair sprays of different fixation.In addition to haircuts at home get "on high", you need to get acquainted with the new technologies of their installation.For example, for the modern

"ragged" ends of hair you may need to wax, which can be separated each section and secure it to create a gentle romantic image.

# 3

One of the main secrets of the beauty of hair and hairstyles resistance is required shampooing before laying.So the hair becomes more manageable, it is convenient to fix in any position, and the hair will stay longer.And if you want to make an evening hairstyle, it is important condition will help preserve the elegance and femininity to the end of the celebration.Next, the hair must be dry at room temperature by gently blotting with a towel, or do it with a hair dryer, including a cool air flow.Wet hair can not stand hot temperatures during drying, otherwise they may be injured, or begin to fall.

# 4

then be applied to the entire length of hair mousse, foam or lotion.Make hairstyle with curls or ringlets curling iron can help.Its diameter and size will be an indicator of waves.Straight strands can be obtained by ironing by pulling each strand of hair from the top down.Brushing or hands need to give the desired shape to the hairstyle.Bangs can straighten ironing, apply mousse and comb it back so as to give it extra volume.On top of it must fix the invisible.Finally, you can dream up a little: split in half and finished curls tousle them vzbryznuv paint across the surface of the hairstyle or the hair roots, to look natural styling and ease.

# 5

can make beautiful hairstyles yourself, even holders of short hair.Although this activity does not take long, but simple it also will not name.For short hair, you can apply mousse for volume wet, then lifting them brushing the roots, dry the hair dryer, and steered in the right direction.Wax or pomade hair highlight their tips.You can also styling short hair tongs do with a larger diameter, forming a beautiful hair using styling viscous paste.Apply a quick and easy means of hand movements.From a distance of 30-35 cm is necessary to sprinkle stylish hair lacquer.

# 6

If, during work, leisure or holiday party hair slightly lost volume, it is necessary, taking with him a mousse or lacquer, to go to the bathroom, his head down and his fingers to put means in the roots of the hair or sprinkle them with varnish.Looking up, you can see that hair again looks lush and luxurious.To bring the hair in the order you must pay special attention to the quantity and quality of caring and protective equipment: beautiful hairstyle home turn, if not to overdo it with cosmetics for hair.Substandard tonics, as well as the excess gel, mousse or lacquer curls turn into a sticky heavy tow.

# 7

ability to create beautiful hair styles at home came only as a result of long hard training.Knowledge of the rules and a sense of style to help each beauty daily look "one hundred percent" in any situation: home, with relatives or on a secular party.Women's hair - "terrible" the power, the magic gift of Mother Nature.Beautiful hairstyle can please not only their owners, but also others.

# 8