How to make an even skin tone ?

How to make an even skin tone ?
You will need:
  • skin care
  • balanced diet
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle
# 1

There are a number of problems, which are reflected in our face.First of all, violations in the work of the internal organs, one way or another, affect the appearance of the skin.The most common defects are age spots, wrinkles, acne, and other.The question is how to make a smooth skin tone in the home?Of course, the trip to the beautician elemental can solve most of the problems associated with the skin.But give a person a beautiful appearance can be their own.

# 2

must be adhered to a healthy lifestyle, as bad habits (lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs drugs) causes a change in the color and structure of the skin.As a rule, it becomes dry, wrinkled, becomes sickly, it changes color.The duration of sleep should be at least eight hours a day, otherwise appear bluish "bags" under the eyes, swelling of the face.Proper diet is able to recover even tone the face.This is due to the intake of v

itamins and nutrients that have a positive effect on the skin cells.On the table must be present fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, lean meats, fish, a variety of nuts and dark chocolate.

# 3

Chronic use of mineral products will not make wait for the result.Also, do not forget about the amount of fluid intake (daily at least two liters of clean water), which normalizes metabolism and smoothes the skin.High-quality care - is another component of the beautiful appearance.Before going to bed should be carefully remove the decorative cosmetics and skin removed from a variety of pollution.This may use a soft cleanser and to raise the tone of the skin it is advisable to periodically wipe the face of the frozen cubes of broth of herbs (chamomile, calendula, sage).

# 4

to give a person the freshness in a short period of time, you can use decorative means.The most popular tonal foundation that hides small defects on the skin and gives it a smooth and velvety surface.High-quality cosmetics allow the skin to breathe and protects it from harmful external factors.