How do hair at home on long hair ?

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You will need:
  • Several gums
  • Studs
  • pins
  • rubber donut
# 1

Oddly enough, but this owner chic long hair are the most frequent visitors to hairdressing salons.And all because they do not know how to do hair at home.However, there are many types of daily and holiday hairstyles, make that will be very difficult and not their own.The best option for everyday hairstyles will be the so-called "horse's tail".This hairstyle is best suited to owners of long, straight hair.If the hair is a little curl can be straightened special curling-utjuzhkom.Looks good and tail coiled own hair strand.This type of hairstyle looks more carefully than an ordinary tail and, in addition, makes an invisible rubber band.This tail is perfect for women of all ages and with any type of person.

# 2

To perform such a small strand of hair pulled out of the tail and wrapped around the gum and then reinforce a few times.Currently naturalness came into vogue.That is why the question of how to do hair at home on long hair is already so important.It is enough to make a girl a sloppy ponytail and she already looks fashionable.However, this hairstyle also has its own tricks.In order to do it properly, you first need to collect hair in a normal "pony tail", then a little to comb it or release it from several thin pryadok.Young girls for a party tail is fine with lots of gum.First on top make fleece, then collect hair in a ponytail and pulls rubber bands in several places.

# 3

No less common and easy hairstyle is braids.There are different types of weaving by which this hair can become not only commonplace, but also festive.For example, a "fish tail".To do this hairstyle you need all the hair parted into two equal parts.After this, in the middle separated by a major strand.Then gradually weave small side strands and connect them to the main one.Tat continue to tip.To hairstyle look carefully you need to make sure that the thickness of the strands woven into other was about the same.At the end of a beautiful weave pigtail fixed rubber band or barrette.Hairstyle "spike" on the implementation of the technique is similar to the hairstyle "fishtail" just spit has a fine pattern.

# 4

Some girls like more romantic and elaborate hairstyles.One of them is hair "curls".With the help of curls you can do a lot of different hairstyles.Curl is done quite simply.A strand of hair is twisted and tightly fastened clasp invisible.Not necessarily the whole hairstyle should consist of some curls, they can be used as a complementary element to any smooth hair.Currently beams occupy a leading position among the hairstyles for long hair.They are used and how everyday hairstyle, hair style and how to go out.In addition, many types of beams enable each girl to choose a suitable option.For example, surround a bun on top, side or beam-beam bow.

# 5

Natural bow of hair looks very refined and requires no extra decorations and accessories.Technique a hairstyle is not too complicated, but it requires a little practice.First of all, do a high ponytail.Then, a fifth part of it was separated.The remaining strands are divided into two parts and is folded inward.Obtained peculiar ears bow.The tips of the ears hidden in the hair and fix hairpins, invisible.Then take a separated strand of the front and throws it first through the ears, around the bow and then to close the gum.End strands clasp fastened.In the center of the bow hair is desirable to stick a few pins that hairstyle was more solid.For very young girls will be a wonderful option two beams on each side.

# 6

Equally original looks smooth beam with a roller.Initially, it seems that this hairstyle can be done only professional.But this is not the case.The technique of performing a similar hairstyle is no big deal.The main thing - to get a rubber donut, which is sold in every specialized shop.First, place the hair on the surface of a donut, then rewound at the base of the head.The tips of the hair hide and lock pins.Of course, such a haircut requires skill, but a little practice, every girl can do it with ease.In conclusion I would like to note that no matter what kind of hairstyle is not chosen for himself a girl, the main thing - it's clean and well-groomed hair.After all, if long hair healthy and shiny, you and the owner always looks charming.