How to dye black hair blonde ?

How to dye black hair blonde ?
You will need:
  • hair dye bleach
  • hair mask
# 1

Girls - brunettes often faced with the desire to disguise and to feel as a blonde.But this is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.If the light color of hair can be colored in any color, with dark hair then get a lighter color is problematic.But still make it possible, just need to try a little bit.Knowing how to dye dark hair blonde, the brunette could feel the blonde.For this there are three versions of the painting.The first and easiest - is frequently highlights.

# 2

If at first the hair does not acquire the desired hue can be promelirovatsya once.Usually, if your dark hair color, not painted, we get the desired result from the first or second time.Dyeing brunettes have to make the weave 3 - 4 times to get the desired result.The second option involves a hair lightening.Dyeing hair should be by means that pegment lighten hair.The paint is, "the Palette" line, it lightens the hair from 4 to 6 tones, previously used "Blondeksom

" and "Supra", then the result is achieved more quickly.

# 3

Now you can find a tool that will clarify a lot more careful.Lighten have several times, from 2 to 4. It all depends on the original color of hair.After all the procedures you can dye your hair in the desired shade.Finally, a third option, the longest in duration, but the most gentle hair.To achieve the desired shade, every three weeks should be to paint hair paint 2-3 shades lighter than the previous one.If painted in a light color so that the first two visible effect painting probably will not show.

# 4

But the main thing is not to worry and to continue their work.Results will be visible already after 3 - 4 painting.You can do a temporary span of a month, then the hair will look healthier.Paint dark hair in a light color hard, and this procedure will certainly affect on the hair is not the best, so do not forget to take care of them and pamper moisturizing masks.