How to use promotional codes Lufthansa ?

How to use promotional codes Lufthansa ?
You will need:
  • country receiving this code
  • discount
# 1

One of the largest companies that are engaged in transportation of any kind of goods or passengers in Europe, Lufthansa, not onlysend and receive cargo intact, but also get promotional codes that provide significant discounts in the future.This is practically the only company that makes such discounts on promotional offers.In addition, discounts are available in any country where there is a representation of the company.It should be emphasized that Lufthansa promotional code to get a discount, it operates according to certain rules.Thus, the promotional code, for which the client expects to receive a discount on services of the company, must comply with the country in which it was obtained.

# 2

That is, to get a discount in the United States, it needs American promotional code.It should also be noted that the use of any embodiment sites plays no role in obtaining discounts.There will be important only the country of departure a

nd the promotional code, which is obtained in that country.In addition, choosing, for example, Russia as the country of departure, even when using Chinese portal Lufthansa for Central Payment is made in rubles.That is, buying tickets in Lufthansa important to choose the right portal, and have to pay currency of the country from which the flight.And not only the currency should be the country from which the flight is planned, but a promotional code to receive the discount shall be acquired for it though.

# 3

To get a promotional code for discount, and are interested in what many customers, you must go to the company portal and a few simple steps.In the first place, on the official website of the company Lufthansa asks you to select the country (this item does not work on all the company's websites and can be skipped), and go through a simple registration.After registration and after some time the promotional code will be sent to e-mail a new partner and client companies.Naturally, if the need for flight or shipment is known in advance, it will be important to register and receive the promotional code is not on the day of ticketing and advance.

# 4

Among Lufthansa baggage is separate from the passengers, with the exception, of course, carry-on baggage.If you need to transport animals or certain similar loads, they will be important to properly pack or sit in special containers (in the case of live load).Such goods will be carried in compartments with optimal conditions.In relation to obtaining discounts on tickets it will also be important to emphasize that one promotion code obtained by registering on the company's website, gives the opportunity to buy a ticket for one person only.Other tickets if crashes a few people will be paid for at full cost, if the passenger is also not attend to give a personal promotional code.