How to learn black magic : a book of witchcraft

How to learn black magic : a book of witchcraft
You will need:
  • grimoire "Lesser Key of Solomon"
  • red candle
  • Orthodox plot for a speedy marriage
# 1

in pursuit of success, power, wealth, knowledge andthe power of people are willing to sacrifice certain, among which the human soul seems to be the least.In this regard, many people kept asking how to learn black magic.To begin to be exactly sure of your decision, because the way back will be gone, and the training can take many years.If you wish to study black magic remains as strong, continue to choose the type of their training.The most secure, fast and reliable is to teach witchcraft mentor - a strong mage or witch.But to find such people is very difficult, even more difficult to persuade them to take to his disciples.The second type of training - it is the road of trial and error, associated with the self-study of art of witchcraft.And it is better not to study via the Internet and contemporary books and through the ancient grimoire such as "The Lesser Key of Solomon"

# 2

huge number of ancient knowledge have to learn on the way to the power conferred by black magic.But for fans of the practice following a few simple applications magic to achieve the purposes of the earth it will be published.So it may help to know how to bring the magic of love.To do this, just need to midnight on the growing moon in the bedroom light a red candle, set it in front of a mirror and sit by, so to see her reflection.Next, you need to say the following words: "The forces of the world-rule, force love carriers urge you, I implore you in the midnight hour in this gratifying place Let my abode enters love passionate, real ancient spirits call to you, I implore you, invite. For the benefit and happiness to come and stay with me sealed with seven seals. "

# 3

to assist in the search for love, magic, how to get married will tell.But it would be better to use the ancient Orthodox conspiracy, the effectiveness of which tested for centuries.There is no need to refer to demons and ancient spirits.It is only on the feast of the Protection, at a time when the church comes the morning service, say three times: "Most Holy Mother, covered the land of snow and I Zhenishke.May it be so.Amen."This conspiracy necessarily work in this magician, because a strong witch are subject not only to the dark side of magic.

# 4

But the magic is not only in love affairs, such as the magic to take the exam can help.This requires the following ritual: three shake dress or any clothes that go to the exam, and say: Who came, his disciples began the Lord.And I go to the Lord.Lord, send me good luck in the doctrine.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Amen.Then nagovorennuyu clothing should be easy to dress and go to the exam.Everything must be successful.

# 5

Magic how to find a job and knows.This will require to perform a certain ritual.Describe in a clean white sheet of paper a job of your dreams, write about desired salary, career growth, leaf seal in an envelope.After that, you need three times rinse with ice-cold water face and say conspiracy words: "Jobs come to me as a sister, as a favorite, and not as a widow let to me (name) to the appreciated in high esteem were a lot of gold-silver dress..Force call, perform an ancient ritual. Out on the threshold and select a hundred ways, but the most accurate one. Amen "The next day, you can begin to look for work and good luck will not leave you.Path black magician thorny and difficult, but one who is not afraid to risk it all and take place before the end of this path will be opened not only a great mystery, but a great power will be granted.