How does the color of magic ?

How does the color of magic ?
You will need:
  • knowledge of the science of color
  • own sense of color
# 1

It is no accident in the magical techniques used color symbolism.Color not only gives aesthetic pleasure to the human eye or causes painful memories, it affects the whole body.However, to understand how magic works, and what color fits a single person or a sign of the zodiac, it is not so simple.Only by experimentation can find your color in the spectrum, and that the matter of the dispute, and peace of mind in order, and energy over the edge.

# 2

What brings every color, of course, you need to know.And this knowledge is contained in the colors of - the science of the origin of a particular color, and mixing their impact on mental harmony.Dividing the continuous spectrum into seven basic colors, the world owes to Isaac Newton, whose spodvigla this numerology that prevailed at that time in Europe.Those who are puzzled as to take revenge with the help of magic, is unlikely to help the color palette.After all, the

optical range of the electromagnetic radiation is characterized by a number of subjective factors.The visual sensation of a physical, physiological and psychological components.

# 3

As professionals magic art argue that it is pointless to divide magic into black and white - it is colorless (one and the other can cause harm).So any color can carry positive and negative different people.The only difference is that the rites of the "white" properties occur in sunlight and moonlight prefers black magic.How to return a loved one?- This question also do not allow the magic of color.We can only know what associations and emotions causes a loved one once a certain color, and try to remind him of the happy moments or about the moment her unforgettable love bright outfit.

# 4

the only true way to understand the color therapy, no.Just like learning to white magic, which at first sight is reduced to theoretical rote prayers and conspiracies.Experienced therapists are able, based on the color preferences of the person, make a detailed description of the mentality and state of health.One can not say that black - it is bad and white is good.Some people feel quite comfortable going to sleep in a bed of black cloth, and wake up full of energy.In China and Korea, for example, that white is a funeral.

# 5

How to learn magic colors, the impact of which is felt all the time?Science has proven that this action is effective even with their eyes closed.Color can catch anguish or her dispelling, relieve headaches and resolve many psychological problems.The ancient method - color therapy is gaining popularity, but we must realize that it is a science where amateurs is not the place.